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What Is a Character Essay and How to Write It?

Character Essay

Simply put, character analysis is a widespread school-level task where you divide the good character from the story in order to get acquainted with it better. If you have a feeling for future analysis, use several easy steps on how to write the analysis correctly and quickly. Below, you’ll find all you need to know about writing character analysis essays.

At first, it may seem a simple task to write a character analysis essay. However, you’ll soon realize that no matter how much time and effort you devote to the writing process, the assignment appears to be not so easy to execute. Essays involve making an character analysis in the book. For this, you’ll need to have a deeper insight into the text itself and mental and moral qualities. It’s often much more than simply saying something about the appearance of the character analysis essay, or something they have been engaged in throughout the book. In fact, it’s also necessary to dig deeper into the character’s thoughts and motives of behavior, which will indicate how important the character is to the story itself.

If it seems too much for you, don’t worry. Below, you’ll find easy steps to follow when it comes to writing the character analysis essay. They will help you to go ahead with your coursework.

What is a character analysis essay?

So, what exactly is the particular character essay? As mentioned previously, this type of assignment involves making a full and thorough character analysis from a TV show, film, or novel. When writing the character analysis essay, you’ll have to provide data about the hero of the book in order to let the readers get acquainted with them.

Why do you need to write a character analysis essay? In most cases, it’s a perfect way to understand the context of the book, as well as the way the novel is written. The particular character has a certain meaning and is used to describe some conflict or serve as the protagonists of the story.

Your tutor will also understand how you understand the story and how you interpret it. This will help to analyze whether you have understood the very meaning of the story itself. There are different types of particular character examples that may be used by authors of stories. These include:

  • Antagonists and protagonists
  • Minor and major heroes
  • Static and dynamic characters, etc.

As a result, once you understand what type of character you’re dealing with, you’ll be able to start a thorough character analysis of their mental and moral qualities, and character’s actions throughout the story.

Making an outline as an important step in the writing process

As soon as the thesis of your story is shaped, you can proceed with drafting the outline of your character analysis essay. Here, you can mention random details about the given hero. The essay outline helps to have a direction according to which you’ll proceed with analyzing the character. Just highlight the significant character traits of the hero in order to support the thesis statement. In the ordinary outline, you need to write the introductory part, the sections to cover, as well as the conclusion of the character analysis essay.

If you use all the data gathered about the main good character of the text, it is now high time to make the outline for the paper with moral qualities distinctive. There are also special templates that will help you organize your work correctly and take the necessary notes for the further writing process.

As soon as you learn what hero you’ll be assessed, it will be the right time to get started. Just refer to the text whenever it is needed and take notes throughout the process of character analysis. Here is a list of what you’ll need for a start:

  • Emotional character traits of the static or dynamic character. This includes the character’s actions displayed in various situations.
  • Physical appearance. Here, you should describe what the good character looks like and what major characteristics they have. For example, the scar of Harry Potter. It also includes the color of the clothes they are wearing, as well as the body type and other similar characteristics.
  • Relations. Here, you need to talk about the relatives and close people of the hero. Try to answer whether the good character has some friends or family among others.
  • Motives of behavior. Here, you should discuss the key motivating factors that drive the hero of the text to do different things.
  • Character’s background. In this part of the character analysis essay, you should describe where the good character lives, what occupation they have, and what lifestyle they lead.
  • Values and morale. In this section, the description of the character traits is of great importance. Try to understand what moral qualities distinctive they possess, such as jealousy, kindness, or pessimism among others. It’s also worth discussing the morale of the hero. Are they good or bad major characters, and what intentions do they have? By answering these questions, you’ll be able to analyze the moral qualities distinctive values of the character.
  • Goals in life. What are the objectives of the hero in life? Are they trying to get rich or wealthy? Is it a good person or bad? These and other questions are the main issues you’ll discuss in your character analysis.

If, however, you have any doubts, simply create a list of questions and try to answer them throughout your character analysis essay. This is needed to determine what knowledge you have about them, among others. By the way, if you are assigned this as homework and you don’t want to do it, you can just ask professional writers, “Do my essay,” and they will do it for you. Keep this in mind if you are not interested in the topic but want to get a good grade.

How to begin a character essay?

The primary thing you should do is select the hero you wish to talk about throughout the paper. Such a decision is easy if the tutor assigns you a specific static or dynamic character. However, in some situations, you should choose a hero with particular character traits on your own. This is one of the strategies you should follow. Just pick anyone you know very well in order to write a thorough character analysis.

If you wish to avoid discussing minor heroes that do not add value to the story, this will not be sufficient for the character analysis essay. There is no meaning to discussing such characters. On the other hand, it also doesn’t mean that you should choose the major hero. However, it should still be someone important. If you select the protagonist with common character traits, the probability is that lots of other students will also choose them. This may negatively affect the grade you get for the task.

Below, you’ll find the types of characters that are the most suitable for this assignment. Just pick the right option and start writing your character analysis essay.

What are the main types of characters?

The first thing you should do is understand the difference between the different types of heroes that appear throughout the text. The type of hero will influence your capacity to start out the discussion. You should be able to determine how significant the good character is for the story and what type of character will help you get the highest mark for the assignment.

The examples of protagonists are Harry Potter, Juliet, and Romeo, among many others. In most situations, the protagonists are those heroes that go through the story learning various essential lessons and character traits by character’s actions. Anti-heroes may also be protagonists. One more thing you should understand is how the protagonist tells their story. Is it a first-person narrative or not? This and other questions are to be answered throughout the character analysis paper.

As for the minor and major characters, you should remember that they can be the best friend or parents of the protagonist. Minor heroes are usually siding characters that have no value for the plot of the text. These can be people who appear throughout the text from time to time, having some relations with the major characters. Minor characters are of great importance for the story. Although some students may think that they do not add much value, it’s still important to discuss character’s background and engagement in the text. Anyway, if you find it difficult, you can simply order an essay. In this case, it will be done correctly and with high quality.

Character evaluation: What questions to answer?

When it comes to writing this task, it’s always worth starting with the outline. Every character analysis essay of such kind should begin with writing an outline for the paper. This way, you’ll be able to keep track of the data you wish to include in the character analysis essay. It’s a great way to avoid the so-called writer’s block, as it will help you to always consult what you’ve discussed previously if you find it difficult to proceed with completing the task.

Here is how your character analysis essay should be structured:

  • The introductory part includes some character’s background data and an eye-catching hook for the readers to get interested in the essay. It should finish with the thesis.
  • Some character’s background data and descriptions include their appearance, type of hero, their relations, and major important character traits. The paragraph should be finished with the transition sentence leading to the next part of your character analysis essay.
  • The motivation and various problems faced by the hero. Here, you should write about various troubles faced by the main hero as well as different obstacles on their way. If you choose to discuss the dynamic hero, simply debate how they develop and change within the story.
  • Life lessons of the major or minor characters. In this part of the paper, you should discuss the importance of the hero as well as the lessons they have learned throughout the story.
  • The last part of the paper should be dedicated to the conclusion. Here, you only need to rewrite the thesis statement and provide a summary of the major points you’ve gathered about the character. Think about how you can conclude your paper using your analytical skills.

Check out the tips and tricks for the right character analysis essay structure and format. Try to include all components in your paper and structure it correctly.

Writing tips

Here are the main tips and techniques you can use to help your paper get a higher mark. They include the following:

  • Start the paper with some quotations from the text. In such a way, you demonstrate that you get familiar with the text and have a good knowledge about characters. You can choose a good character for this character analysis and provide a quotation about him.
  • Add some character’s background data of important accidents, its impact on hero and result. Providing it, you catch the readers’ attention and motivate to move further. 
  • Provide the introduction of the hero with important character traits. Make readers familiar with the hero’s inner world. It is the crucial part. Don’t introduce hero as a bad or good person. Give readers the opportunity to solve it by themselves. Write about hero’s mental and moral qualities  and values, how this person acts in stressful situation and what result he gets. This tip makes the character analysis bright and exciting.

There are various challenges you’ll face when writing the character analysis essay, but with a few tips and tricks, the process will be easier and quicker. To make the study of the hero more effective, there is a need to dig deeper into various aspects of the story. You may find it difficult, so if you don’t want to bother, you can use professional writers like Do My Essay for Me. They are ready to help any minute and do a quality analysis for you.

Final word

To summarize the above information, there are three steps to writing a character analysis essay. These include the lessons learned by the hero throughout the plot, the way how the good character overcomes various obstacles and challenges, and others. It is also necessary to discuss what lessons you’ve learned after reading the story and how the hero has influenced your understanding of different life situations.

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