What happens when you combined Blockchain and Diamonds?

Saar Levi, CEO & Co-Founder of CEDEX

In an Interview with the CEO of, Saar Levi, on the upcoming CEDEX Project and Token-Sale, he explains how Blockchian technology and Diamonds can work together.  Saar Levi CEO & Co-Founder of CEDEX has been an entrepreneur since 1993. With over 15 years’ experience in the global financial markets, he has held senior roles in leading financial institutions such as Lehman Brothers, Barclays Capital and Banca IMI (Intesa Sanpaolo). He also served as the CEO of Luxemburg Art Exchange and was the Founder and CEO of LEM Management Ltd. 


Let’s talk about your project: what is CEDEX?

Saar: is the first ever Certified Blockchain Based Diamond Exchange, focusing on bridging the gap between the traditional diamond industry and the innovative financial markets.

The platform envisions bringing together diamond holders who want to liquidate their holdings and traders looking to diversify or hedge their investment portfolio to include diamonds as an investment asset, and doing so in a secure and transparent way.

CEDEX is built on four pillars: The DEX proprietary technology, blockchain technology, diamond tokenization and the CEDEX Coin.

 What advantages does the blockchain bring to your business?

Saar: The Blockchain technology is powering the underlying CEDEX project in order to create Diamond-Smart Contracts. The smart contracts will be issued through a simple process that is initiated once a diamond holder lists a diamond for trade. This contract represents a diamond’s gemological data and other financial information to allow for the creation of a financial product that represents the underlying asset, i.e., diamonds. Furthermore, we believe that by creating Diamond-Smart Contracts, it will be beneficial to the entire ecosystem in many ways.

What do Token Sale participants get by joining your Token Sale?

Saar: By joining the Token Sale and buying CEDEX Coins traders will be able to purchase diamonds and related services in the diamond ecosystem (transportation, insurance, storage). Furthermore, once the platform is up and running in Q3 2018 it will allow users to trade their crypto into diamonds and trade additional financial products on the platform

CEDEX will also show full transparency and periodically release updated versions of the product that will show the progress of the development both on the product and business side.

Can you tell us a bit about why you chose the Ethereum network as the blockchain for your token?

Saar: We believe that the Ethereum ERC-223 is the most convenient and efficient application blockchain platform currently in the market that most suits the CEDEX project.

It has a wide spread of usage in the blockchain community and ecosystem as is most suitable both for the CEDEX Coin and the smart contact to be used on the platform.

Where do you see the value of CEDEX Coin in the medium to long term and the ultimate benefit for token holders?

Saar: There are many values for the CEDEX coin once the platform goes live:

  • Traders who want to purchase diamonds via Diamond-Smart Contract on the CEDEX platform will have to purchase CEDEX Coin to carry out their transactions.
  • Payment to and for all service providers, such as the gemological labs, custodian, insurance and transportation will only be done using CEDEX Coin.
  • Later, once additional financial products are developed, traders opening a short position will use CEDEX Coin to cover the collateral and borrowing fees.
  • Traders will be able to use their portfolios as collateral to receive CEDEX Coin loans.
  • Purchasing diamond derivatives.

We also believe that usage of the CEDEX Coin will go beyond just the exchange and into the diamond ecosystem.

Have you secured deals with any trading exchanges yet? If yes, will you want to disclose the exchanges that will be trading your tokens?

Saar: We are in discussions with a number of the leading exchanges globally

 When will the ICO start? What about tokens and cost?

Saar: The pre-sale offering will be conducted over a 10-day period beginning on January 12th, 2018 at 19:00 GMT.

  • A total of 100,000,000 CEDEX Coins will be issued
  • The public token sale will offer 50,000,000 CEDEX Coins for 100,000 ETH: up to 10,000,000 in the pre-sale and the remainder in the sale.
  • The CEDEX Coins will be sold at a rate of 1ETH = 500 CEDEX Coins

Users can purchase CEDEX coins in Bitcoin, Ether or fiat currencies on the market rate.

We will also offer special bonuses for investors during the Pre-sale and first day of Public sale.:

  • Pre-sale:  Bonus of up to 10% of total CEDEX Coin – 0.3 CEDEX Coin for each CEDEX Coin
  • Day 1 of sale: Bonus of up to 40% of total CEDEX Coin – 0.15 CEDEX Coin for each CEDEX Coin

CEDEX Coin Token Sale will start soon to meet the capital target as scheduled. However, there could be potential investors out there who might not fully grasp the participatory process. Kindly give us a step-by-step guide on how to participate in the ICO?

Saar: The official and only location to find the address for the pre-sale is on

Step 1: Go to on/after 19:00 GMT on January 18th, 2018. The pre-sale is

scheduled to start on January 18th, 2018 and will last for 10 days or until the max cap for this sale is

reached. The possibility of purchasing CEDEX coin will open on the pre-sale day. To get started, press

the green “Buy CEDEX Coin” button.

Step 2: Enter your personal details and create an account. You will be able to return to buy

more coins and to review the status of your transactions.

Step 3: Insert the number of CEDEX Coins you want to buy.

Enter the Ethereum wallet where your CEDEX Coins will be delivered (you cannot use an exchange wallet).

Select payment method and go straight to the payment page.

Step 4: Transfer the funds to the address displayed.

The required gas and the maximum gas price will be displayed for contributors paying with ETH.

Remember, this address is unique and assigned to your account

Step 5: Upload Documents (if Required). You may be asked for your KYC documents, if this happens,

you will need to upload a scan of your passport, driver’s license or identity card and a scan of a utility bill

from the last six months and then email these documents to use later on. Users who fail to upload any

requested documents will have their funds returned and their CEDEX Coin purchase canceled.

Step 6: Receive a Unique, Shareable Link. You will receive 3% of the contributions made by anyone

who uses your link.

What is your plan after the ICO?

Saar:  Milestone 1 – MVP (Minimal Viable Product) and Launch of CEDEX Platform

The main components of the MVP product:

  •         Diamond onboarding from diamond dealer’s ERPs
  •         Customer onboarding platform
  •         Customer wallet management
  •         Trading arena in which customers can buy and sell smart contracts using CEDEX Coin

Milestone 2 – From Trading Diamonds to Diamond Asset Class

The first milestone will focus on getting the system into production that will allow traders to buy and sell diamonds. The next evolution in making diamonds a commodity is the ability to transform diamonds from a one-of-a-kind asset to a homogeneous asset. CEDEX’s innovative solution combines blockchain technology and the proprietary developed algorithm, the DEX, to create a Category Trading.

Milestone 3 – Financial Offering Expansion and Regulation

As the CEDEX platform evolves, we expect professional traders and financial institutions using this new financial product to offer their clients exposure to their existing portfolios.

Milestone 4 – Geo Expansion

Is there any other important message you would like to pass across to readers?

We are in contact with some of the biggest companies both from the diamond and blockchain industry who are showing a lot of interest in the project, and we hope to bring new and exciting partnership in the near future.

For more information, please visit the CEDEX website on

See the CEDEX whitepaper here

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