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What Happens During the First Stages of a Personal Injury Case?

Working with a personal injury lawyer could be the best thing for you if you’ve been hurt in a car accident and aren’t sure what to do next. Many consumers haven’t worked with lawyers before and may be apprehensive about pursuing legal action against the entity that caused the damage. 

On the other hand, personal injury lawyers are more knowledgeable about personal injury law and are available to assist you as a victim. In addition to their legal responsibilities, they will do everything in their power to assist you in getting the money you deserve.

1. Get in touch with a qualified personal injury lawyer

The first thing any Boca Raton DDR Lawyers will do is to ask you about the details of the accident to determine whether you have a valid claim. You must demonstrate that the other party owed you a duty and failed to fulfill that duty to prove your claim. Additionally, you must establish that you suffered harm due to negligence.

2. Filing A Complaint 

Generally, an attorney will file a personal injury complaint with the court if they believe you have been harmed. Documents such as these are crucial because they outline the details of your case. The mishap report includes information about who was involved, how you were injured, and the associated costs.

After that, the personal injury lawyer has one month to find the defendant and serve the complaint on them. Defendants must be served with papers in a way that allows the documents to be verified. This eliminates the possibility that a defendant will claim ignorance of the litigation.

3. Discovery

At this point, you and your lawyer will review all the evidence, including the images and videos you took after the accident and medical expense paperwork.

In your formal deposition, you will be asked to verify the accuracy and truthfulness of what you say during questioning. However, the discovery phase is consequential. During this stage, either side can ask the court to postpone or dismiss the case based on the defendant’s potential settlement offers.

4. The trial

In the absence of a settlement and a dismissal of the action, the case will go to trial. You will receive a jury or judge’s decision after the evidence has been heard and considered in court. As a result, it is the lawyer’s responsibility to demonstrate to the judge and jury that there was a violation of Florida’s duty of care by the defendant.

Afterward, the judge or jury will determine whether or not you are entitled to compensation. A lawsuit will be dismissed if they don’t think you have a strong case.

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