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What Does the Diamond Color Scale Entail?

To choose the right colour for a diamond, you need to know the meaning of the diamond colour. The fact is that the colour evaluation of gems is dependent on the colour’s absence. Pure and organic diamonds don’t have any colour like pure water, so they have a high value. However, the colour grading system of GIA D to Z determines the colourlessness and d colour diamond cost. This is done by comparing the stone in the controlled lighting to determine the colour value.

Most of the colours of beautiful diamond rings for engagement are so subtle that are difficult to see with eyes.  However, many distinctions between diamonds can significantly affect cost and quality. Connect with the Rare Carat experts’ guide to learn more about the colour scheme!

The Importance of the Diamond Color Scale

The colour of diamonds matters a lot, but only to a specific point. The cut and carat weight are separated by transparency and colour in four carbons. Carat and cut are two positive features that you may increase. However, colour and transparency are negative features you want to avoid noticing in the diamond.

When you have to determine the colour of the diamond, you can check the line of the diamond colour scale. This can help you to determine whether the diamond is transparent or yellow. Never buy a diamond with a yellowish tint. However, this line may vary according to the diamond’s form and the setting’s style.

When you get a clear diamond, it is a better investment in high colour. Remember that buying a diamond is a zero-sum game. If you want to invest money in a high colour grade, you must compromise on transparency and size.

Diamond Colors That Are Famous:

Colourless (D, E, F)

There are D, E, and F colourless grades. The high colour grade of the diamond is D. It shows the complete colourlessness of the diamond, which also indicates no prominent yellowish or brownish tint. Also, this colour diamond grade indicates rarity, transparency, and quality.

The second highest colour grade of diamonds is the E colour. It is also considered highly valuable because it offers better transparency. This grade is commonly used for fine jewellery and engagement rings.

The last colourless diamond grade is F colour, which has minute traces of colour but is difficult to detect with the eye. These grades are better for people who prefer quality and colourless diamonds but want to avoid paying a maximum price.

Near Colourless (G, H, I, J)

G, H, I, and J are in the nearly colourless grades. The G and H colour grades are of excellent value compared to all other high-colour grades.

G grade is the famous and top-most colour grade because it provides a better appearance at an affordable price. This means this grade of diamond is the right mixture of budget and beauty.

H-grade diamonds are also nearly colourless, but they have a tint of colour and are famous for their value and quality. The perfect cutting of I and J colour grades assures that these are colourless, but actually, these contain a faint colour. If you need guidance related to the colour and grades of diamonds, contact the specialists and jewellers of Rare Carats.

Faint Yellow (K, L, M)

In the faint yellow colour grade, there are K, L and M. All these grades of colour diamonds are famous for their faint tint. Even if these have colour, they still release beauty and fire.

All the diamonds of these grades are the right option if you want to increase the weight of the carat. It would help if you chose yellow gold or rose gold to avoid making the colour apparent. With these settings, you may get the diamond near to D grade colour diamond.


The transparency of the diamond determines its value. The most transparent diamond has a high value. However, in the case of fancy diamonds, the value increases with the hue.

The grading of the fancy coloured diamond according to the GIA system is:

  • Very light
  • Light
  • Fancy light
  • Fancy
  • Fancy dark
  • Fancy intense
  • Fancy deep
  • Fancy vivid

The main factor that can determine the value of coloured diamonds is the strength and purity of the colour. You can also get guidance from the Rare Carat team of experts with years of experience in this field. They provide you with colour guidance and present you with the formation methods. You can even check out the complete guide at now!

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