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What Does Human Resources Actually Do?

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Human resources is a business term that describes the entire department responsible for hiring, training and firing employees. In some ways, HR can be seen as the company’s teachers and training department. Human resources actually does a lot more than just fill out job applications or manage the daily operations of the company. 

In fact, this broad department is responsible for everything from choosing the right employees to training them so they will fit the company’s culture and goals. A good human resource manager not only knows the secrets of winning the talent war, but he also understands how to cultivate it so the employee turns into a valued employee.

Strategic Human resource management

Strategic Human resource management serves as a strategic link between human capital management and an organization’s overall strategic planning. HR strategy examples include the selection of personnel, as well as the training of such personnel. 

Strategic planning refers to the planning of specific future work patterns and activities of employees in the business environment. All of these processes are integrated into the process of human resource management.

Internal HR tasks

There are many examples of how HR handles the day-to-day operations of a company. One example is when an employee applies for a promotion or hire. The HR department will conduct interviews and vet the potential candidate until such time as the company makes its final decision. 

Once that decision is made, HR will organize the resources within the company to get the new employee hired and on with his/her role. This includes interviewing the candidate as well as conducting background checks, performance reviews, and other general assessments.

Another example is when an employee is on the threshold of leaving the company. Human resources will conduct an exit review to make sure that the individuals’ services are being properly used by the company. The review includes HR interviewing the individuals as well as making any recommendations to the management. In many cases, the review will lead to the employees accepting a new position with another company or going out of the company.

External HR tasks

On a smaller scale, HR might even handle the hiring of new employees. For example, if the company needs to add ten new positions, the HR department will go through the applicants to determine if they are qualified to do the job. Human resources can also coordinate the interviewing and hiring of temporary staff as well.

So what does HR actually do? It sounds like a pretty broad overview but in reality, it’s usually just part of a larger picture within the company. Companies use HR to run various aspects of their business including recruitment, orientation, training, new hires, and benefits. They also make sure that the company complies with local employment laws. So, what makes a successful hr strategy? This is not about getting new employees hired, training them, and signing them up; it is a continuous process.

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