What Does A Cryptoinvestor Look Like?

Crypto Investor

There are many crypto enthusiasts out there, working on their own missions, and creating unique and innovative products. But sometimes working on the blockchain can feel like a bit of a closed loop. We want to change that, which is why we’re keen to share our experience and insights; right here on our blog. Here’s a little something we put together on the different types of cryptocurrency investors.

Any successful business should put the needs of its target audience first. But when preparing for an ICO, it’s easy to assume that your customers are purely interested in the investment opportunity on offer; to ‘cash out’ when the time is right. Of course, this is an important part of it, but it’s not necessarily the defining feature. Every ICO investor’s different, so it’s crucial that you take into different perspectives in consideration.

But where do you start? From our experience, it’s clear that there are four main cryptoinvestor personas, each with different intentions and motivations.

Let’s take a closer look.

The ‘Just For Fun’ Investor

This is by far the largest group of people; an audience that’s growing at an astonishing rate. Most ‘For Fun’ investors come from developing countries: tech-savvy office workers are starting to save money, but have little opportunity to invest inside their home nation.

They know what blockchain, cryptocurrency, and ICOs are. They keep a close eye on the crypto bulletins, and regularly read online titles like CoinTelegraf, CoinMarketCap, and BitcoinTalk.

They rarely examine a whitepaper in detail, and tend to rely on peer recommendations and social networks for investment recommendations. But they’re not big spenders. At least not as individuals. But there’s a lot of them, so they represent a huge potential audience.


  • Invite them to your Telegram channel.

  • Create short engaging social media ads to attract their attention.

  • Provide one page synopses of your whitepaper.


  • Overload them with information.

Enthusiastic Geeks

These guys are completely engaged with the cryptocurrency world. They’ve been involved for several years and have already managed to earn a fair chunk. They’re true blockchain evangelists who believe in the cryptocurrency idea itself and promote it in every possible way.


While they’re ardent supporters, they’re usually pretty modest. At first glance, it’s easy to mistake them for “For Fun” investors. But these guys aren’t just casual observers. They know a lot. A heck of a lot about cryptocurrencies.

Want their buy-in? They don’t just want to see a valuable product; they’re looking for a product that’s valuable for the cryptocommunity. Something that will change the world or challenge the establishment.


  • Outline how your product is unique in your communications.

  • Be prepared to answer tough questions in detail.


  • Assume that you know more about the blockchain than them.


This group is comprised of professional ICO investors. Big players in a relative small pond (hence the name ‘Whales’). They know enough about how Initial Coin Offerings work to go it alone; without the help of analysts who monitor and investigate opportunities.


They’ll thoroughly examine a whitepaper and will also take an interest in the team working on the project. They’ll also monitor what’s going on in your online communities. But they’re also susceptible to PR and advertising campaigns which flag new opportunities. Where possible, it’s always a good idea to meet those investors and get them on board in person.


  • Assume they’ll have read your whitepaper in detail.

  • Make sure your team regularly interacts with them.


  • Presume they’re not interested just because they’re quiet. They’re watching. And waiting.

Classic Investors

If there’s money to be made, these guys want in. They might be first time ICO investors who are learning their way around technical details, but they’ve heard about the blockchain and want in.


These guys want numbers. ROI. By they also want to understand the value of an ICO, and how it might compare to something tangible – like gold or fiat currency investment.

Like ‘Whale’ investors it’s always a good idea to meet these guys in person; but more often than not, you’ll need to be formally introduced through a mutual connection who can vouch for you.


  • Offer comparisons between cryptocurrencies and other types of assets.

  • Explain what the opportunity is and why they need to get in early.


  • Approach them cold. Always seek an intro from a mutual contact.

  • Forget to prepare a detailed video and presentation explaining how to buy your tokens.

Ok, so these aren’t official personas; just what we’ve learned from our personal experience. If you’ve dealt with any other types of cryptoinvestor, feel free to get in touch and tell us all about it!

And while you’re here, why not take our short cryptocurrency survey?

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