What Do Samurais and Cryptocurrencies Have in Common?

What Do Samurais and Cryptocurrencies Have in Common?

When the developers began creating Kusunoki Samurai they wanted to develop a game that engaged and immersed players in the world of the samurai, as well as paying tribute to the blockchain technology that is at the heart of it all. They believe this is the future of gaming and hope that those who play it experience an introduction to the world of cryptocurrency, acting as a catalyst for further exploration and education. With all this in mind, it occurred that the samurai offer some fascinating parallels through which they can teach the foundations of this new technology. Here is what is meant.

Samurais held their fate in their hands. Samurai warriors were canonically known as a lone warrior. Relying only on their own skills and dedication to the craft, they lived and died by their own sword. Cryptocurrency is much the same in that regard. Blockchain technology has democratized the ability to create a financial system allowing everyone to take their money into their own hands. Instead of relying on institutions such as the government or central bank – cryptocurrency allows anyone to enter the financial system and transact without restriction.

Samurais were not beholden to anyone. While some samurais did serve for Japanese emperors, most of them acted as individuals – living their lives and fighting in the way that they wanted to. This freedom and autonomy are synonymous with cryptocurrency because of its decentralized nature. Permission isn’t needed. No one is beholden to anyone.

Samurais were scarce. To become a samurai required a level of dedication and skill that made them a very select group of warriors. That scarcity heightened their value and evolved them into the class of fighters that are revered to this day. Similarly, cryptocurrency and NFTs, are built around the concept of scarcity – allowing real value to be created as a result. This is one of the key distinguishing factors that makes it such an exciting technology and one that will reshape how value is perceived.

Samurais were transparent. What you see is what you get with a samurai. They lived their lives without pretenses and hid very little from those with whom they interacted. Cryptocurrency is notably transparent as well, showing a public ledger of every transaction so that there is never any confusion as to what occurs. This is unique and one of the reasons why it can build the level of decentralized trust that it has been able to.

Now, of course, these analogies are not perfect. But it is interesting to compare the spirit of the samurai to the spirit of cryptocurrency because that’s the intersection that Kusunoki Samurai aims to target. They hope that not only will the game be incredibly immersive and engaging, but it will also serve as an introduction to the cryptocurrency world.

The developers hope that you’ll don the katana and join them on this journey.







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