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What do I need to become a successful Salesforce admin today?

A career in Salesforce is an attractive opportunity for people with different professional and academic backgrounds. For IT professionals, it is a great opportunity to join Salesforce – the most lucrative and prospective field of CRM solutions. At the same time, becoming a Salesforce admin is a chance for people with no-to-little experience and background in IT to change their career paths and start moving towards their new professional and financial goals.

But what does it really mean to become a Salesforce admin today? Most people are attracted by this opportunity mainly because they are sure that this position does not require any coding knowledge or experience.

It is partly true, but the concept of the Salesforce admin job is a bit more complicated than this. 

In this article, we shall talk about the actual skills, experience, and even personal traits a successful Salesforce admin needs today and introduce the ten most famous Online Salesforce training platforms that will help you start and develop your career as a Salesforce admin in India or any other part of the world.

What does a Salesforce admin do?

Before getting down to the actual professional traits and skills, you should develop as a Salesforce admin, let’s take a closer look at what the position involves.

A Salesforce admin is an essential professional that serves as a responsive link between the customer (a business that decided to adopt Salesforce CRM solutions) and various Salesforce experts who make those solutions possible and most efficient.

In other words, the Salesforce admin is a sort of negotiator or interpreter that turns technical trends into understandable concepts and vice versa to help Salesforce and its customers understand each other better and develop perfectly tailored CRM solutions unavailable for any other similar service provider.

So, when someone says that today a Salesforce admin is spared from the complexity of technical terms and development processes, it is not entirely true. In fact, the best Salesforce professionals are those who do their best to study the peculiarities and essentials of the related positions to be the most efficient and provide customized solutions faster.

That is why choosing your Online Salesforce training course or Salesforce training institute, it is essential to find the one that provides the Salesforce admin, Salesforce developer, and LWC modules as well. It will help you become a competitive, sought-after professional immediately upon the end of your studies.

Above everything else, a Salesforce admin is a go-to specialist that collects and maintains the necessary database, helps to introduce the latest updates and solutions, and makes sure that the whole team is aware and capable of working with Salesforce on the relevant level. In other words, Salesforce admin is a multidimensional position that, except for the deep knowledge, requires organization and people skills, the ability to be responsive and multitask, and staying on the cutting edge of the company’s CRM processes.

Salesforce admin certification – levels, requirements, and purpose.

There are four basic levels of Salesforce certification for admins. Each of them is achieved gradually and represents the level of expertise, knowledge, and practical skills a Salesforce admin has to offer their employers at the moment.

  • Certified Salesforce admin – the fundamental certification level requires deep knowledge of all the Salesforce CRM processes and solutions, the ability to compose advanced reports, collect and maintain a database of various levels and serve as a link between a customer and the team that develops, customizes, and provides the relevant CRM solutions;
  • Certified advanced Salesforce admin – as you may understand from its very name, this level of certification implies that the Salesforce admin has developed the most advanced level of knowledge and skills within their framework and is now expanding their expertise, discovering the whole functionality of Salesforce CRM;
  • CPQ Certification – this level means that the Salesforce admin has mastered the configure, price, and quote software and, from now on, can help the company develop an advanced pricing and estimation process tailored according to different factors;
  • Platform app builder certificate – this recent addition to Salesforce admins’ certification systems reflects the trend that the knowledge and expertise of modern Salesforce admins go beyond organization processes. Such Salesforce admin can instantly build customized apps and provide solutions that help their customers get the most out of Salesforce and what it has to offer to all sorts of businesses.

How to become a certified Salesforce admin?

Salesforce certification exams are built to help professionals evolve, develop and maintain their qualifications and discover new skills that help them be most efficient in their positions.

This kind of professional development is impossible without the guidance of Salesforce professionals from all fields and expertise levels. Except for the world-famous professional ecosystem and links Salesforce is so famous for, various Salesforce training institutes allow us to keep up with the latest trends and updates and receive and maintain Salesforce certifications for admins.

CRS Info Solutions is one of the most popular ones, as it has over 12 years of experience in Salesforce training in India and worldwide. Its faculty consists of practicing and certified Salesforce professionals from all fields and provides comprehensive support to all aspirants. 

CRS Info Solutions is also one of those Salesforce training institutes that include such modules as Salesforce admin, Salesforce developer, and LWC into their curriculum, which allows aspirants to correspond to the latest demands of the Salesforce industry and job market.

In case you want to take your first steps in Salesforce training, various online training platforms are known and famous worldwide and offer Salesforce courses and seminars as well. Such famous names like UDEMY, Coursera, and LinkedIn are well-known hubs of study materials and online seminars on Salesforce certification and general operation. It is an easily accessible and affordable opportunity to “try the waters” and see whether becoming a Salesforce admin is indeed the career opportunity you are looking for.

In case you are already a practicing Salesforce admin, you have definitely heard of Trailhead – the platform that connects Salesforce professionals from all over the world and helps them get in touch, synchronize and systematize their knowledge to receive and maintain their Salesforce certifications.

Simplilearn and ONLC are similar online Salesforce training platforms for working professionals. Their main benefits are flexible schedules and learning plans that allow you to prepare for your Salesforce certification exam at your own most comfortable pace.

If you consider yourself a seasoned Salesforce admin who is ready to dive into the Salesforce certification system and take advanced exams, you may benefit from the platforms like Mind Majix, Intellipaat, and Janbask. All of them provide a deeply-focused 30–35-hour immersive Bootcamp-like training program focused precisely on the certification level you are seeking, its latest trends, and updates.

Salesforce Admin is one of the most multifunctional and, therefore, exciting positions in the Salesforce ecosystem. It is a great opportunity to discover new career perspectives, find passionate, like-minded colleagues and become a part of an exceptionally lucrative job market with endless professional and financial perspectives for dedicated experts. 

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