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What Design Defender Brings To The Architecture and Design Industry

The Architect and Design industry is becoming more popular than ever with hundreds of thousands of different companies operating within the industry to deliver brand new and innovative products and services. It has been reported that in 2021, the industry grew by 7%, and in the United States alone, the industry has garnered billions of dollars worth of revenue. 

Interior designers and architects are constantly looking for the best products that they can utilize in their work to develop the best possible design and to apply that design in the real world. Due to the immense popularity of this industry, there are many different websites that cater to the needs of designers who are on the lookout for something special and unique. 

Design Defender is one of those websites, and they strive to introduce architects and designers to a whole new world of interesting designs that can be easily and seamlessly found on their online platform.

What Is Design Defender?

Based in Switzerland but available worldwide, Design Defender is an online platform that allows those who are involved in the industry of Architecture and Design to search for modern products created by significant designers and brands in the world. 

Design Defender offers a selection of quality products that any architect would love to get their hands on. Using technology, this company manages to develop a range of tools for architects, designers, retailers, manufacturers, and more, so that their overall business and ideas grow and become a reality. These techniques bring something new and exciting to the Architecture and Design Industry. 

Streamlining The Search Process Through a Ranking System 

One of the core goals of Design Defender is to offer a seamless process that is far from mundane or cumbersome. Thanks to the development of a modern search engine on their website, Design Defender manages to utilize an algorithm that ranks products in the search results, meaning that users will immediately know which product is best for their specific needs and wants. 

Generally, such websites might contain dozens of results in no particular order, making the search process much harder for designers looking for the optimal product. Design Defender navigates around this issue with the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

Objectivity In The Ranking System 

One might think that when it comes to a website that ranks products in terms of quality, manufacturers can merely pay a higher price to be listed as the number one product even if they are not. 

That is not the case with Design Defender, as the website doesn’t charge manufacturers to display products. There is no way to influence the ranking system, making the playing field fair, giving the most objective experience for designers. 

Weekly Updates 

Quality and well-designed products by some of the best in the industry are added on a weekly basis to Design Defenders website. With thousands of new options, designers will always have a good variety of options to pick from.

Having such great quality available in such a simple manner might be unheard of by some, as many interior designers struggle to get some key products essential to their design. This website covers all the bases to make high-quality products available on a regular basis. 

Fighting Counterfeits On The Market 

Original designs are the only products accepted by Design Defender, and as such, they are actively against the use of counterfeit items. They highlight the importance of protecting design from forgeries, as forgeries mean that companies will not invest in design, but will simply steal designs from others. 

Design Defender protects buyers and users by developing a product labeling system that is based on blockchain technology. This allows for each individual product to have a sort of digital identification, so there is a clear difference between the original and a potential copy. The company is beginning a sense of safety and security to the industry, and they will carry on to do so as they are developing an anti-copy platform with other manufacturers.

Final Thoughts 

Through the creative use of technology, Design Defender brings the Architecture and Design Industry out of the outdated age of catalogs, and into a digital space where users are able to have quick and easy access to some of the best products on the market. Design Defender focuses on the buyers and users first and foremost to introduce new and exciting aspects to the industry. 

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