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What could be causing the dryer to make a loud noise?

Why does my dryer make a loud noise? If the dryer noise is louder than normal laundry, something may be wrong. Overloading your dryer with too many clothes can lead to banging noises. Use these dryer troubleshooting tips to decipher common sounds and their sources, or call a dryer repair service in Calgary or any other city.

How to drown out loud dryer noises

While some dryer noises are part of normal operation, others indicate a problem that requires a do-it-yourself or professional fix. From humming to squeaking, here’s how to find out if a loud dryer noise is a cry for help.

A humming noise from the dryer

If your dryer makes a noise while washing that sounds like a faint humming noise, it shouldn’t be a cause for concern. This noise is driven by the fan motor that blows air out of the dryer, and it’s part of normal operation.

The dryer makes a rattling sound

A loud dryer rattling sound can have several possible causes, most of which you can fix on your own.

Here’s how to reduce the rattling sound:

  • Secure loose hardware: Buttons, zippers, and belt buckles can make a rattling sound when they rotate in the dryer drum. Loose items, such as coins and paper clips, can also cause the dryer to rattle. Before loading the dryer, fasten all buttons and zippers. Check the pockets and belts of your clothes, and remove all straps and loose items.

  • Ensure the dryer has adequate space: If the dryer is in contact with another object, its vibrations may make a rattling sound during operation. Ensure the dryer is at least an inch away from shelves, storage baskets, and the washer to reduce operating noise.

  • Check the exhaust vent: Over time, the dryer’s metal exhaust vent may loosen, resulting in a rattling sound. Check the vent to make sure it is secure, and tighten all connections if necessary.

The dryer makes banging noises

If your dryer makes and banging noises, it may be overloaded with too many clothes. Too many clothes can make a loud banging noise as they move around in the dryer drum. Similarly, too many things can also make this sound if they stick to one side of the drum.

To eliminate the knocking sound, pause the drying cycle and reduce the load by removing a few clothing items. If you are drying one oversized item, pause the cycle and redistribute the load so that it freely covers the entire drum.

The dryer squeaks or creaks

Does your dryer make squealing noises when it spins? These loud noises can also be caused by overloading. However, if your clothes are wetter than usual at the beginning of the drying cycle, the extra weight may also cause a grinding or squeaking noise. Check your washer settings to make sure enough water has been removed from the laundry during the spin cycle. If everything is set correctly but the clothes are wet at the end of the cycle, your washer probably needs a professional evaluation.

Faulty dryer parts

If these troubleshooting tips don’t help solve the problem, a failed part may cause the dryer’s loud noise.

These parts can cause the dryer to make a loud noise when they fail, requiring professional dryer repair:

  1. Broken drum bearing: This part supports the back of the drum and can make a grinding or squealing sound when worn. If the drum does not rotate freely by hand and continues to make these noises, the dryer’s drum bearing is probably broken.

  2. Damaged drive belt: This narrow rubber belt wraps around the dryer drum through two pulleys, allowing the drum to rotate with motor power. If the belt is torn or frayed, the drum may make a squealing or pounding noise as it rotates.

  3. Worn Drum Rollers: Drum rollers support the front and rear of the drum to ensure smooth drum rotation. Over time, they can wear out, causing the dryer to make loud rattling noises as it rotates. Even if only one roller is worn, professional service will likely replace them all.

Loud dryer noise can be muffled by a team of local technicians in Calgary or any other city. Call or make an appointment online for fast, professional service.

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