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What Color Should I Paint My Living Room? A Professional Painter’s Guide

So you’re thinking about repainting your living room but can’t decide on a color? Choosing the right living room color can be tricky. The hue you select sets the mood for the whole space and impacts how it feels to relax or entertain there.

As a seasoned painting specialist in Sydney with over 20 years of experience transforming homes, I’ve painted my fair share of living rooms. In this post, I’ll share my tips to help you nail the perfect color for your space based on my decades of expertise.

Consider the Room’s Purpose

Before picking a color, think about how you use your living room. Is it a place to unwind after work? Do you host game nights or watch movies with friends?

If relaxation is the goal, cool tones like blues, grays, and greens promote tranquility. Warm paint colors like terra cotta, peach, and yellow create an uplifting, energizing mood great for entertaining.

Complement Your Furniture

The existing furniture, rugs, and decor impact which paint color works. A shade that complements these features pulls the whole room together.

For traditional wood furniture, timeless colors like beige, light gray, and taupe work well. With contemporary decor, go bold with black, navy, or charcoal. For country or cottage-style furniture, light blues, greens, and reds with white trim add charming flair.

Let Natural Light Guide You

Living rooms with ample natural light can handle darker, dramatic colors. North-facing rooms with cool light are ideal for warm reds, oranges, and yellows. Low-light living rooms feel open and airy with lighter shades like mint, sky blue, and soft gray.

As an expert painter in Sydney, I always see how the natural light affects a room before suggesting colors. This ensures the hue complements the lighting for that flawless finished look.

Coordinate with Flowing Floorplans

For open floorplans connected to the kitchen or dining room, use cohesive colors. This visually ties the spaces together.

To differentiate living room walls from surrounding areas, select a lighter or darker tone of the same color. For example, paint the living room light green and the kitchen sage green. This adds definition while avoiding an abrupt color clash.

Pick a Neutral Backdrop

Not sure where to start? A neutral backdrop is a foolproof option that works with any style. Try a white, beige, gray, or tan base color, then add pops of color with decor.

Neutrals make smaller living rooms appear more open. And unlike bold colors, neutrals don’t go out of style quickly down the road. You can always inject color through inexpensive throw pillows and blankets which are easy to swap out when you want a refresh.

Trust the Color Wheel

Unsure how complementary colors work? Consult a color wheel. The basic rule is colors opposite each other complement while adjacent ones clash.

Some harmonious yet unexpected living room color schemes include:

  • Red-green
  • Orange-blue
  • Yellow-violet

Split complementary schemes with one color and the two adjacent to its complement are also pleasing.

See Color Samples In Situ

Don’t rely on small paint chips alone. Ask your interior painter to apply color samples directly on your living room walls.

Seeing swatches in different lighting and next to your existing decor gives the most accurate impression of how the color will look. This avoids surprises or regrets after painting the entire room.

As a professional painting service in Sydney, I always provide this crucial step before starting any new project. Virtual visualization apps can also help you preview colors in your space.

Hire a Professional Painter

New paint instantly updates living rooms. But painting correctly takes skill and practice to avoid unsightly drips, uneven coverage, or messy edges.

Rather than risk disappointment with a DIY paint job, hire professional house painters to ensure your new color looks crisp, clean, and flawless. Experts also know how to properly prepare surfaces beforehand and can finish the job in a fraction of the time.

My company offers top-quality interior painting services to homes throughout Sydney. Get in touch for a free quote on your upcoming living room revamp and I’ll share more insider tips to nail the perfect color for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions About Choosing a Living Room Color

Still unsure which direction to go with your living room walls? Here are answers to some common color selection questions:

How do I choose a color if my furnishings are neutral?

Go bold with a rich shade like emerald green, navy blue, or eggplant purple. Neutral furniture allows you to take color risks since it acts as a blank canvas.

Should living room and dining room colors match?

It’s not mandatory, but using the same exact color or tints/shades of one color unifies open concept spaces. If rooms are separate, you can get more creative.

How dark should the color be?

Darker colors make rooms feel intimate while lighter ones keep the mood casual and airy. For living rooms, mid-tone neutral or saturated shades typically work best.

How do I pick a color from online photos or Pinterest?

Use a color selection tool like Pocket Vision on your phone. This extracts the exact shades from images so you can match them to paint swatches.

Should I get color consultation help?

Yes, if you’re feeling stuck an interior design pro provides an objective expert eye. Designers understand how colors elicit certain moods and emotions in a space.

So There You Have It…

Choosing a living room color that you still love a few years down the road is tricky. But thinking about how you use the space, existing furniture, lighting, and color combinations helps narrow it down.

Be bold or play it safe with neutrals. Try color samples to make the best decision for your home. And for a flawless execution, hire true painting pros.

With the right guidance, you can feel confident picking a shade that turns your living room into your favorite space. For more interior painting tips or a free quote, visit the website or contact me today to get the ball rolling on your color refresh. I’m here to help you match your living room dreams with color scheme realities.

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