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What Can You Watch on FireStick For Free?

What Can You Watch on FireStick For Free?

Have you recently purchased Amazon Fire Stick and wondered what you could watch for free on it?

Well, you have landed on the right post!

In this article, we have covered the free channels that you can watch on Fire Stick.

What Can You Watch on FireStick For Free?

If you are looking for channels that can keep you entertained for hours, then check out these free Fire Stick channels:

Live NetTV

Live NetTV is one of the free streaming apps that supports Fire Stick. It has more than 800 channels from the US, India, Bangladesh, the UK, etc. One interesting feature of this app is that you can filter the TV shows and content based on the genre, like sports, action, education, etc.

It also has an external player, VOD content, etc., which gives you more content accessible for free of cost.


If you love watching sports news and highlights, then CBS is the right channel for you. It is a free streaming channel on Fire Stick. This platform updates the episodes the very next day after getting aired. However, if you need any additional features, you need to make in-app purchases.

Tubi TV

If you are looking for free TV shows and movies, then Tubi TV is the right app to install on your Fire Stick. You have access to tons of content on this platform. However, you might not have access to the latest movies on this channel.

Peacock TV

Peacock TV is a streaming service that gives you access to a lot of free content. It also has content from various genres, like kids’ content, late-night TV shows, etc. Peacock TV has paid plan as well that gives you access to next-day content in advance.

Roku Channel

Roku is not just a streaming device. It has a streaming channel as well. You can access tons of content on this platform, and it is very much compatible with Fire Stick. You can stream all kinds of content like movies, sports, news, etc. However, if you want to access Showtime and Starz, you need to opt for the premium subscription.


How can the list be complete without naming YouTube? YouTube is a free platform that is supported by almost all streaming devices, and the same is the case with Firestick. You can access uncountable content on this giant streaming platform. However, if you are looking for YouTube TV, it is a different streaming platform altogether.

Pluto TV

If you want to skip the tedious process of signing up on the registration forms to create your streaming account, then Pluto TV is the best choice. Though it does not cover all the cables, you can still see that it has fantastic content even being free. Along with live TV, you can also stream free movies on this platform.


This is another great channel that supports Firestick. You can watch all sports channels like Fox Sports, MLB, beIN, etc. Additionally, you can also watch movies and TV shows on this platform. However, like Pluto TV, even Tubi is ad-supported.

Since this platform is free for streaming, we assume it should not be a concern to the users.


Are you looking for a free streaming channel for your kids? HappyKids supports multiple devices, including Fire Stick. You can watch almost all popular shows like The Teletubbies, Wallace and Gromit, etc. This channel does not have any paid plans.


If you have a streaming device like Firestick, you can install multiple free applications to stream your favorite content. That being said, you can install the above apps free of cost and consume your favorite content without any hassle. However, some of these platforms are ad-supported, so you might be annoyed at times by the ads being displayed while streaming the content.

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