What can you find out by the VIN of a car?


Today, checking a car by VIN has already become a mandatory manipulation before buying a used vehicle. This simple procedure will save you from buying a troubled car, allow you to assess the real condition and real cost of the car, and ensure the security of the transaction. What you can find out by the VIN code of the car, read our article.

Where can you find the VIN of the car


In different brands of cars and even in different models of the same car brand, the VIN code can be applied in different parts of the body. However, finding the VIN number is not difficult, since there are not many common places to apply the code:
⦁ under the windshield on the driver’s side;
⦁ on a metal partition separating the engine compartment from the passenger compartment;
⦁ under the front passenger seat, namely under the floor covering;
⦁ behind, behind the armrest located in the center of the rear seat;
⦁ on the stand on the driver’s side.
Most often, the number is duplicated in several places to protect the car from theft and forgery of the VIN code.

What information can you find out about a car by VIN code

The VIN code consists of seventeen characters, each of which contains important information. The vehicle identification number is decoded as follows:
⦁ the first 3 characters are data about the manufacturer, country, sometimes about the type of body;
⦁ from 4 to 8 character – information about the model, equipment and engine;
⦁ 9 – in most models of machines is the control;
⦁ 10 – model year (the year the model was introduced to the market);
⦁ 11 – country of the assembly plant;
⦁ the last 6 characters are the vehicle’s serial number.
In different countries and different manufacturers, the character set and the information encrypted in them will be different. So in the serial number of European cars, both numbers and Latin letters can be used, and in the USA the identification code will consist only of numbers. The ninth character is always a control character in American and Chinese cars, and in cars from other countries it can be used both as a control character and to encrypt certain information.
For more information on how to find out the manufacturer’s country by VIN code, read the article.

What can you find out by the VIN code of the car


Using the VIN number, you can get not only information encrypted by the manufacturer, but also a detailed history of the car’s operation. For this purpose, the buyer or owner of the vehicle can use special verification services.
A standard vehicle check report by VIN contains the following data:
⦁ manufacturer, brand, model and age of the car;
⦁ basic equipment;
⦁ real mileage;
⦁ registration history, number of owners;
⦁ maintenance history;
⦁ data on existing damages, malfunctions, repairs carried out, recovery after an accident, changes in equipment;
⦁ information about accidents, insured events;
⦁ problems with status (the car is stolen, under arrest, pledged to the bank);
⦁ serious damage that cannot be repaired (such as, for example, malfunctions in electronic systems after drowning a car);
⦁ special operating conditions, for example, in a taxi service (high intensity of use, high wear in a short time).
The information obtained from the results of checking the VIN code of a car will be useful not only to the buyer. The owner of the car, for example, will receive accurate data on the basic configuration, which will allow you to select original parts in the event of a repair.

How to check a car by VIN

You can find information about a car by Vin code on the Internet using various official sources or special verification services. The fastest, most reliable and affordable check a vehicle’s service is To get a detailed report about the car, you only need to know the VIN code of the car, collects data from various official sources and saves you time searching for the information you need.

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