What Can You Do with an Economics Degree?


Whether you are in a career that is a far cry from finance and are looking for a change, or economics has always been your passion, and you are finally taking the plunge to turn it into something tangible – it is never too late to take on a program.

That being said, you will probably want to know what you are going to get out of an economics program before you commit to one.

This piece is going to show you what avenues you can explore when you complete an economics program and give you some ideas on the doors it can open.

Read on to find out more.

Professional Economist

For those who really want to use everything they have from an economics qualification, a professional economist job role might be the one for you. This particular role entails researching and analyzing economic data, trends, and any possible issues that could come up and will almost certainly require you to obtain a postgraduate qualification too. If you already have a basic qualification, then a higher qualification such as an online masters in economics can take you to the next level.

You will be expected to be confident in creating economic forecasts, along with creating personalized strategies to advise any clients or businesses. It is up to you whether you want to work for the government, banks, multinational companies, or financial consultants, to name a few.

Data Analyst

If you love crunching the numbers and want to make a living out of it, then a data analyst might be the job role for you. Great for those who are meticulous with detail and enjoy problem-solving, a data analyst role can put you in a variety of different sectors for data interpretation, so you will have a lot of free reign on where you might want to work.

An economics program will give you the skills to be able to evaluate and make recommendations on the potential impacts of any financial decisions that could include any level of risk. Because of the knowledge you will gain from an economics qualification, you will be able to create reports and implement strategies to help your company minimize these risks.


An economics qualification and accountancy can go hand in hand. While you will need to go on to achieve an accountancy qualification, those who have an economics qualification are usually the best set up to go down this path. As with many finance roles, with accountancy, you will have the flexibility to work across many different industries and focus on helping businesses, organizations, or sole traders with their finances.

Obtaining a qualification in economics, especially with a postgraduate program, will allow you to work in almost any industry your heart desires. It can also give you a significant competitive edge for sought-after roles. Because of this, you can enjoy an exceptional level of job security, and it will allow you to move seamlessly through different sectors.

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