What Can You Buy For Bitcoin in Australia?


Most people imagine it is possible to use bitcoin only for virtual payments (wallets, exchangers, gambling industry) and the purchase of specific goods with a rather complicated purchase process. It’s not like that at all. 

Cryptocurrency, having a fairly young age, has become an understandable and popular payment instrument in Australia and around the world. Now you can buy almost anything for Bitcoin. Find out businesses that accept Bitcoin in Australia

  • Electronics

Electronics is a demanded area. Bitcoin owners can afford absolutely everything, from a simple razor to a refrigerator, TV, washing machine. The list of sellers includes large manufacturers, online stores, dealers, suppliers.

Electronics include household, photo and video equipment, computers, laptops, telephones, and other goods. Today, there are a huge number of online stores on the Internet that accept bitcoins. The number of trade enterprises with this type of payment is constantly growing. For example, you can order electronics from Amazon via Purse, Newegg, Overstock, and other sites. 

  • Computer games and applications

Software, various applications also belong to the demanded products that can be bought for bitcoin. Various software is available on the network:

    • VPN services that allow you to go to different sites completely incognito;
    • custom programs;
    • various applications and modules for WordPress;
    • services for paying for the Internet, mobile communications;
    • applications for Windows, Microsoft, including add-ons and extensions for the OS;
    • Windows Xbox;
    • hosting required for sites;
    • sites that sell popular PC games (such as Games Planet or the G2A Game Store, as well as Steam).
  • Premium real estate and goods

For the first time, residents of Canada were able to buy a house for cryptocurrency back in March 2013. In Australia, real estate can be purchased in this way, thanks to “electronic residency”. 

In 2020, a major cryptocurrency exchange Huobi began a partnership with an agency called Fäm Properties, which made it possible to buy real estate using cryptocurrency. The scheme is quite simple: the buyer transfers the crypto to the exchange; it sells it and then transfers the traditional money to the real estate agency.

A small number of ads for the sale of real estate through bitcoins are now presented on the market, they can be found on forums, private message boards, on the Avito website. According to the law, payments for an object should be made exclusively so companies buy out cryptocurrency and make payments already in national currency. For this sector to grow, a reliable payment platform is needed to act as a bank.

Also in demand are premium products such as:

  • Yachts, boats, catamarans. Private sellers sometimes post information about the sale of water transport.
  • Jewelry and diamonds. Samer Halimeh New York became the first luxury stone manufacturer to sell them for digital currency. Australia also has such an opportunity. Shopping is easy through an online platform called Crypto Jewelry.


Today, you can buy almost anything with bitcoins. It allows you to develop cryptocurrency and open up new uses for people. The list of products continues to grow every day, and this is only the beginning, therefore it is worth buying bitcoin.

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