What Can Go Wrong with Electrolysis Hair Removal?

Electrolysis is known as the best permanent hair removal method approved by the FDA, but because it’s a medical procedure, it has its shadows. Before you decide on any electrolysis hair removal treatments, let’s talk about little bit about the potential downsides it can have.

Electrolysis Hair Removal

Mild Discomfort and Temporary Troubles:

Redness and swelling: Your skin will be poked with a needle and some temporary redness and swelling are going to show up on your skin. It will go away in a few days but be ready for some post-treatment instructions to follow from your electrologist, particularly in sensitive areas like your face.

Blisters and scabs: This is very rare, but you might experience some blistering or scabbing if your skin is sensitive or if you had a high intensity treatment. Let them heal naturally and if you have any questions make sure you talk to your electrologist.

Ingrown hairs: There are a few reasons that could cause ingrown hairs, but don’t panic. Proper aftercare will help prevent them.

More Serious Concerns:

Infection: This is uncommon, but improper hygiene could lead to skin infection. Make sure you choose a good electrologist and follow the aftercare instructions strictly. This is extremely important.

Scarring: Another rare side effect but this is a permanent rest that can be experienced by people with sensitive skin, or when the treatment was performed incorrectly. Do your homework and find a good electrologist. Electrolysis hair removal is not as simple as waxing. 

Hyperpigmentation: Electrolysis can trigger post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation if you have a darker skin tone. This could lead to temporary or permanent dark patches. The pre-treatment and measures and skincare routine will minimize this risk.

Inexperienced practitioners: This is the biggest risk. Make sure you choose a certified and experienced electrologist. Like I mentioned above, electrolysis is a pretty serios treatment. A lot more complicated than waxing or shaving.


In general, electrolysis hair removal is a safe procedure. The risks we mention above can be reduced if you choose a good electrologist and follow the pre-treatment and after care instructions. Don’t be afraid to ask question and to prioritize your safety. 

With an experienced and licensed electrologist, electrolysis hair removal can be one of the best experiences in people’s lives. Just keep in mind, even the road to permanent hair removal deserves a little caution and awareness from you.

Besides what we’ve talked in this post, a good idea would be to look at other hair removal methods too, like laser hair removal for example. This can have permanent result too, it’s less painful and less expensive. It’s not better than Electrolysis but it could be an option for those afraid to try electrolysis. Some people sign up for laser and electrolysis together. They can get laser hair removal on more sensitive areas and then electrolysis on other parts of the body. This type of treatment is possible when hair removal clinics offer laser and electrolysis as hair removal services. This will give you an advantage because your treatments will be done under the same roof and by the same team of experts.

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