What can go wrong with cheek fillers?

The demand for dermal fillers has skyrocketed ever since Cheek Filler Melbourne became popular. Most wanted to have the Cheek filler Injections as it smoothes the wrinkles in the face, gives the lips more volume and even corrects the shape of the nose.

And truth be told, getting any treatment, budget is a factor and getting dermal fillers is no exemption as it can be expensive. By this means, as the demand on getting Cheek fillers increases, many supplies have emerged and having someone to administer the procedure in a non-clinic environment is also getting easier.

Unfortunately, the black markets for fillers are also on the rise and many have turned to black markets and mostly online black markets where you can purchase it yourself and get someone who can carry out the procedure from their homes or salons. Getting such can really be dangerous as it mostly contains non-sterile substances that can cause infections and allergic reactions are among the many that will happen to the skin.

There have been many reports and bad stories getting dermal fillers gone wrong. In a nutshell,

Cheek Filler Treatment is considered safe to use and is mostly made from hyaluronic acid similar to naturally produced substances in the skin and a safe procedure when done by an experienced and board-certified practitioner. But just like any other treatment, it is important to know that anything can possibly go wrong and can cause side effects and complications.

Risks from Cheek Fillers 

Infection –  this can happen when filler injection is done in a non-sterile environment, mostly non-clinic setup. Since dermal fillers use syringes to inject the skin, the treated area is the most prone to infection. To avoid the spread of germs, Make sure that the practitioner wears gloves.

Filter placement – if Cheek filler Injections is done incorrectly by injecting at a wrong depth or had injected too much product, it causes the appearance of lumps under the skin and

Blocked blood vessels – once the filler is injected into the skin and accidentally hits a blood vessel it can lead to blocked blood vessels and poor blood supply to the tissues. If this does happen, this can result in complications and permanent damage.  Such as the death of the tissue (necrosis), blindness and stroke.

Bruising – one of the most common side effects of cheek filler. This occurs when blood vessels are punctured by the needle used in injecting the filler into the skin.

Swelling – along with bruising, swelling is also a common concern after treatment that usually subsides after a couple of days depending on how many areas are being treated. Swelling also is caused by the attraction of the water from the filler since most fillers are made from hyaluronic acid that can hold and attracts water.

Things to avoid when considering Cheek Fillers 

Black market 

One of the easiest yet dangerous places to get dermal fillers may be online or not.  Aside from the fact that it is illegal to buy and sell dermal fillers online, it can cause complications and infections to the skin as most of these products with a very affordable price are counterfeit and contains an unregulated and harmful substance that is not known how it was made and made of that can lead to serious side effects such as the death of the skin.

No to DIY dermal filler treatment

A reckless and harmful trend. It has been known that there are rampant DIY videos and tutorials online showing step-by-step guides on how to administer dermal filler injections. And the horror is, that there are a lot of individuals or those DIY-ers who are not concerned at all when it comes to the risks that it involves. Most are motivated due to the affordability and availability of the product online. It is important to fully understand that our face and skin have unexceptionally complex anatomy and one wrong move in injecting the dermal filler especially around the mouth and nose can cause permanent blindness, disfigurement and can even affect the brain.

Too many fillers –  this is the most common mistake done with inexperienced hands by unqualified practitioners. Plump does not always equal youthfulness. Go for subtle changes for a more natural look. Too many dermal fillers can result in asymmetry in the face and unrealistic results and sometimes you end up having one side larger than the other. Remember, it is you who will wear your face in the public.

How to minimize the risk 

It is always important to choose the right practitioner who is board-certified and highly experienced and knowledgeable in facial and skin anatomy. Especially these days that it is not just the plastic surgeons or the cosmetic doctors who can carry out cheek augmentation.


At SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors, our experienced and board-certified Cosmetic Doctors by your side and with the use of the best quality products for Cheek Fillers Melbourne believe that each patient has their own individual distinctive aesthetic goals and concerns. Our objective has always been to provide safe cosmetic treatments and medical treatments in an environment which offers exceptional customer care and the luxury of a beauty clinic.


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