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built with node js

Node.js was introduced in 2009 to offer users the best performance and since then it has become one of the best platforms for web development. It became a great achievement for the JavaScript community and the dream came true when JavaScript turned from a purely front-end platform into full-stack development. Since then, Node.js is gaining immense popularity and it is widely used by developers to write client-side and server-side code. So, the entire program can be developed using the capabilities of Node.js.

Today, developers use JavaScript as it allows them to support multiple concurrent requests and build a feature-rich application. In some cases, Node. js is an ideal match for your project requirements and where there are numerous simultaneous connections in a non-blocking manner. The Node.js practices work here to use the environment variable in your coding to secure your application from common Node.js traps. So make sure to follow the best Node.js practices to prevent automated attacks and get the most out of these advantages of using NodeJS.

In this post, we’re going to discuss the top 6 applications you can develop using the capabilities of Node.js that are capable of serving multiple concurrent connections in a single thread. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

What is Node.js?

Node.js is a JavaScript cross-platform runtime environment for server-side built on Google Chrome’s V8 Engine. The event loop in Node.js allows you to perform non-blocking I/O operations. It is an open-source JavaScript framework that lets developers write server-side scripting to develop highly scalable network applications and dynamic web pages. It is an efficient, lightweight, and scalable platform with excellent features such as serverless architecture, an event-driven model, and much more.

It is easily employed as a server-side proxy and supports multiple concurrent requests in a non-blocking manner. It is mainly used for proxying various services with distinct response times or gathering data from numerous source points.

Despite all this, it offers a rich library of modules that helps developers to simplify the web development process and build off-the-shelf applications. Thanks to its asynchronous nature and Engine it was built upon which makes the apps run fast, improve performance, and enhance customer experience.

Types of applications you can build with Node.js

1. Real-time collaboration tools

Real-time collaboration tools are the ones that are widely used by people nowadays as it allows multiple users to work on the same app. It offers a variety of collaboration tools that provide us with a bunch of software solutions for project management, collaborative editing of documents, application sharing, and much more. Some major examples of applications developed using Node.js are Trello, Yammer, Hangouts, and Google Docs. 

The outcome of collaboration tools is the necessity of an hour because many companies are operating their businesses remotely. Among the well-known collaboration software, one should also mention Slack for group chats and remote team management.

2. Internet of Things(IoT)

Internet of Things is a network of JSON objects embedded with sensors, actuators, beacons that allows you to exchange data through the internet. Generally, the data is transferred from devices to web servers and from servers to web applications that display the data to users. IoT consists of numerous devices which makes it a complex task to handle incoming requests and data streams between the devices. IoT Node.js servers as one of the most reliable solutions for building public or private IoT systems.

Since 2012, Node.js is gaining immense popularity and has become one of the most preferred solutions for enterprises to develop web applications. As a backend web development framework, Node.js can process numerous requests at a time and events ejected by thousands of devices on a single network. Today the human race is obtaining considerable advantages from these IoT devices as they have unlocked the magic door of possibility for the tech world. 

3. Streaming apps

Application streaming is an on-demand software distribution that allows you to run apps perfectly without any connection. They are different from remote server apps in nature and completely downloaded. You’re required to download only the parts that you need and the other parts can be downloaded when they are needed.  This protects your server and computer from overloading.

Streaming apps like Netflix are undoubtedly one of the most widely used and best types of web apps you can create using the capabilities of Node.js. It is a perfect choice for you if you’re planning to develop a highly scalable and feature-rich web application. Even software developers from Netflix were impressed with the robust abilities of this platform and brought the end product to the global market.

In particular, Node.js has an interface of writable and readable streams that can be monitored very easily. You can pipe your requests using the streaming apps and also stream data instantly to its final destination.

4. Apps with microservices architecture

Microservices architecture is a method of creating web apps as a group of separate, small, and modular services each of which plays a specific role in the app functionality in the business logic and is tested constantly. When the team is ready with all the modules, they can now integrate them to create the complete application.

Applications that are used by giant companies are greatly benefited from this architecture as their development teams are distributed geographically. This technique enables the entire team to stay on track. Node.js development is a great choice for building microservices and constructing easy-to-use APIs to connect them. The combination of Node.js and Express is a great mixture as it allows you to create world-class apps that are highly flexible for your application to work on detailed tasks without affecting other parts of your application. Businesses are now trying to reduce their JavaScript code base and focus more on the application performance, where a single core software could operate twice as compared to 5 Java apps.

5. Single-page applications(SPAs)

SPA is only a single-page application widely used for social media platforms. When you modify even a minor thing in the app, you need to reload the entire page to see the change, so instead of loading the entire page, Node.js dynamically rewrites the current page and presents a similar experience to that of a computer. So, you’re not required to reload the page again and again when you modify anything. As we all know, the popularity of SPAs is continuously increasing and developers prefer Node.js to build networking software, collaboration tools and much more using Node.js development services.

As we all know, Node.js has the ability to handle asynchronous calls and heavy I/O workloads which is a perfect match for Single page apps. Processing multiple concurrent requests and seamless backend web application development are the two main qualities of Node.js that make it an ideal choice for developers. Also, most SPAs utilize JS framework to speed up the development processes and make the SPA easier to maintain. However, we can say that Node.js is a perfect fit for building single-page applications and handles multiple requests at a time, which ensures seamless data updates and smooth transitions.

6. Real-time chat apps

A real-time collaboration app allows you to send or receive text, audio, or video messages. Thanks to the excellent capabilities of Node.js services. These IRC technologies based services facilitate both one-to-one and one-to-many group chats. These apps are one of the most widely used applications that you can make with Node.js.

With Node.js development services, you can easily create real-time communication apps that allow you to work in an event-driven approach with faster data transfer and lower latency. This feature of Node.js clears the way for executing server-side events and push notifications used in real-time communication applications. 

The Bottom Line

Node.js is an ideal and foremost choice for eCommerce, IoT, streaming, eCommerce, and networking apps as it offers stability, scalability, and reliability. Numerous popular Node.js app instances confirm that Node.js is one of the best JavaScript frameworks that you can rely on. Using the best Node.js development services, developers build highly scalable apps allowing concurrent users’ requests, such as Netflix, YouTube, PayPal, or anything you want.

In closing, we can say that Node.js is not only a powerful web development framework, but it is also an efficient platform of JavaScript. It is a great choice for startups and even giant enterprises as it speeds up the development process and provides enhanced performance. It also performs input/output functions by permitting access to the database. In short, it assembles the data that came from the backend part of your applications to make sure that it offers greater support for synchronized communication.

Are you planning to build an app using Node.js development services? If so, then choose a reliable Node.js development company that offers excellent services and develops world-class apps for your business. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab the best developers and start your project today!

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