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What Bed Sheets Do Luxury Hotels Use?

Luxury Hotels Bed Sheets

If you’ve ever stayed in a luxury hotel, you won’t forget the feeling of sinking under the sheets of a luxury hotel bed. High-end bedding gives a feeling of comfort and recovery that you immediately want to experience in the home bedroom too. Is it possible to get luxury hotel linens to feel the wonders of a first-class hotel bed at home? It is quite possible! You just need to know what types of sheets and other bedding are used by hotels in luxury rooms.

What Parameters to Look For to Get Hotel-Quality Bedding?

So, what types of linen do 5-star hotels use? Of course, hotels not only use designer sheets with a modern pattern duvet cover that visually matches the decor of the room but also adhere to clear criteria when choosing the material for their bedding. As a rule, these are certain types of fiber, thread count, and weaving:

  1. Typically, hotels use cotton sheets for their durability, softness, and breathability. Cotton linen also reduces the risk of allergic reactions and skin irritations, which cannot be said about synthetic materials. In addition, such bedding is perfectly washed in washing machines: it is not cost-effective for a hotel to dry-clean the linen or wash hundreds of sheets by hand every day.
  2. For the luxurious effect, it is better to use extra-long-staple cotton fibers: Egyptian or Supima. They are soft, light-weighted, and have great airflow. They are extremely popular in hotels because these materials are smooth and fine yet still incredibly durable.
  3. It is believed that the number of threads affects the quality of bed linen, but its high number does not always determine the quality and feeling of true luxury linen. Therefore, look closely at the quality of the fiber instead thread count.
  4. When choosing the weaving of bedding, hoteliers prefer percale. Satin will not give you the cool and fresh feeling that you can experience in posh hotel rooms, especially since the percale weave is also denser and, therefore, gives the linen extra durability.

Secrets of Luxury Bed Sheets Maintenance

You will be surprised but the secret of a hotel-like bed is not only to purchase quality sheets from such a trusted and respectable manufacturer as, for example, Linens & Hutch but also in its proper maintenance. The life of your laundry will be longer and its quality will be maintained if you:

  • Make your bed daily so that the sheets are smooth and the bedroom looks as fresh as a hotel room after cleaning.
  • Use multiple layers (fitted sheet, flat sheet, duvet cover, and then another flat sheet on top of the duvet) for appearance and hygiene’s sake.
  • Wash the sheets more often so that they do not become greasy and do not lose their original color.
  • Use fabric softeners when rinsing your laundry to reduce wrinkles, eliminate odors, and reduce static electricity.

Purchase bedroom linens from wholesalers and manufacturers who specialize in selling high-quality hotel products. There, you can certainly find the same bed linen that some hotel chains use.

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