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What Aspects Lead to Account Suspension of a Third-Party Seller on Amazon?

The worst feeling for a third-party seller on the Amazon marketplace would be the suspension of an account. It would be important that third-party sellers should adhere to vital warning signs, lest they wish to face Wal-Mart suspension. It is an essential warning for all third-party sellers on the Amazon marketplace as well.

Changing your bank account information at the time when Amazon has introduced the latest security measure might result in the suspension of your seller account. Therefore, concerned about your protection and that of third-party sellers from persistent hackers, Amazon came forth with a Two-Step Verification or 2-SV. It tends to add another layer of security to your respective account.

Therefore, it would be vital to mention here that the company does not welcome any significant changes that might access your bank account details. However, non-compliance would result in the suspension of your account.

If you were a seller, whose account has been suspended, consider waiting for hours or weeks for account reinstatement.

Reasons for changing your bank account information

Numerous reasons have been associated with the changing of bank account information. However, holding it off for some time would serve your specific needs.

Closing your existing account and opening a new one could have severe repercussions. Therefore, consider avoiding it.

Despite the other available sellers would be boasting of updating their bank account information successfully without any repercussions, a huge percentage of those sellers have been now repenting over their actions.

If your bank has performed a specific system upgrade that would change your bank account number automatically, consider it prudent to inquire whether they would activate the new number when the situation cools down.

Do not let Amazon spot any type of discrepancy in the bank account information that you have linked to your seller account. It could result in the suspension of your account without any notification.

An additional layer of protection by Amazon

The two-step verification process set up by Amazon in your central account would give the hackers a relatively tough time hacking your account.

Moreover, the added security layer would also need you to provide a security code apart from your login details when you sign in to your account.

You could receive a security code through an authenticator application from Google, text message, or email. The authenticator app could be easily downloaded on your phone. Amazon encourages all sellers on their marketplace to enable a two-step verification process at the earliest. It would help prevent their account from any potential threat or attack.

How to deal with account suspension

If you were having trouble dealing with Amazon account suspension, rest assured to make the most of Amazon appeal services to meet your specific account reinstatement needs. The company would ensure that your account is reinstated in the least possible time. The experts of the company would use their experience in handling your specific account suspension appeal. They would ensure that your account is reinstated through strategic planning in dealing with the reason for the suspension of your account.

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