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What Areas Should Be Cleaned Before You Move To A Pre-House?

When you decide to move to a new house, it comes with many difficulties and challenges. The first and the last thing of which is cleaning the house. There are a few places in your new home that you should clean before you unpack to ensure that your move-in day is stress-free and comfortable.

Moving to a new house would be easy with House Removalists Sydney. They will help you easily move everything from your old place to the new one. But before that, you must ensure your new house is clean, safe, and free from dirt.

Here are some places that you should clean before you move:

1. Bathroom Floor & Toilet Seat:

You must start sensitizing your bathroom floor and toilet seat if you move to a new house. The reason is that it is the dirtiest place in any home. The bathroom is the place where you deal with your hygiene and cleanliness. Generally, your bathroom floor and toilet seat have many germs, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful micro-organisms. So, before moving to a new house, ensure it is clean.

2. Kitchens & Counters:

You should clean the kitchen and countertops thoroughly because it is one place where you prepare food for yourself and your family. The previous owner may have used the kitchen when you shift to a new house. You must thoroughly clean the cabinets. Make sure all cabinets, drawers, and shelves have clean inner and exterior surfaces. Finally, use a cleaning solution that is safe for your floors to wipe the kitchen floor.

3. Bedrooms:

The bedrooms are full of personal belongings like beds, gadgets, clothes, footwear, and much more. While moving to a new house, you should clean it thoroughly because it will make you feel happy and comfortable. You must clean your bedroom so that when you move to your new home, you can rest, relax and feel comfortable there.

4. Living Room:

When cleaning the living room, start dusting all surfaces of furniture, bookshelf, fireplace, and others. Dust can affect your health, so you should clean it thoroughly before you move to a new house or hire professionals to complete this job. Then, vacuum any rugs or carpets in the area. If you have hardwood floors, mop them with a moist cloth and give special attention to any hard-to-reach places. Now, clean and polish surfaces like windows, mirrors, or glass furniture with a cleaner.

5. Ventilation System:

The ventilation system is an essential part of your house. When you move to a pre-owned house, it comes along with lots of air pollution and micro-organisms. So, before moving to a new house, ensure the ventilation system is clean. You should check the filter first. If you find it dirty, replace it. After that, replace the furnace filters in the furnace fan and remove or clean the condensate drain line if they are dirty.

Move-in day is hectic and full of challenges. But with professional Furniture Removals Sydney, you will feel some relief while moving. However, many places in your house need cleaning before you start living in a new or pre-owned home. These are crucial places because they provide information about your health and safety. Before moving in, you must ensure that every part of your new house is clean from dirt and dust.

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