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What Are VPS & Cloud Servers? Where Do I Get The Best & Affordable One

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You might be familiar with the terms shared and dedicated hosting’s. But do you know there are some other great options available? The VPS and cloud are servers that are perfect alternatives to pricey shared and dedicated hosting’s. Although dedicated hosting is suitable for businesses with a massive audience as it provides a higher level of security and single ownership, as it is a physical device. Still, the prices are not suitable for small business owners.

Similarly, shared hosting is good but not in terms of security, as you have to share the hosting with others, which limits your resources. But VPS, in comparison, offers a specified set of resources available every time without any interruption due to other users.

What is VPS Server?

VPS is a virtual private server dedicated to the user installed on a computer serving multiple websites. Every computer has several VPS. Each of them works with its own operating system that runs hosting software for a specific user. VPS hosting is mainly for people that have outgrown shared hosting. It resides in the middle of shared and dedicated hosting. It behaves like dedicated hosting, but the main difference is it comes with allocated system resources.

What is Cloud Server?

A virtual server, as opposed to a physical server, is what we refer to as a “cloud server,” and it operates within the context of cloud computing. It is constructed, hosted, and provided via the internet by means of a cloud computing platform, and you can access it remotely. A virtual server is another name for these types of servers. The software is already there that is necessary for operating cloud servers; these servers may run as autonomous entities.

Is there any affordable VPS or Cloud server?

The question in many people’s minds is whether there is any affordable VPS and cloud server. If yes, then is it worth buying a cheap one? What factors do I need to check before buying it? Many such questions trigger you before making a decision. Then how would you select?

Although many companies offer an affordable VPS or Cloud Service, mostly you will encounter many problems while using them. The top on the list is the level of speed, space, performance, stability, and security.

But the situation is not the same everywhere; some companies offer great results and prove that they are the best savers of startups and big organizations. Netooze is one of those hosting and server-providing companies. It offers an affordable plan and combines it with quality and security. But why should you choose it? You must ask this question before making your final decision. So, keep reading to know the reason for selecting Netooze’s VPS and affordable cloud servers.

Why do I prefer Netooze?

Netooze® Cloud is a cloud hosting company that provides cloud computing services and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in a streamlined manner, freeing up developers’ time to focus on building game-changing applications.


Netooze Cloud can assist you in resolving even the most challenging problems, regardless of where your company is undergoing a digital transformation: at the beginning, middle, or end.

When it comes to cheap VPS servers or cloud servers, nothing comes to mind but Netooze. Not only VPS or cloud, but its VMware and vStack Servers are also best from startups to big government organizations.

What does Netooze offer?

  • VPS Cloud Servers
  • VMware Servers
  • vStack Servers
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Application Hosting
  • SSL Certificates
  • Cloud For Startups
  • Windows RDP
  • Big Data Computing

Some positive points of Netooze

Despite their services, the best servers, and hostings, there are many other points that I like about it. I’m going to discuss some of them here for your knowledge.

You have already read about their affordable plans, the quality, speed, security, and space. That’s why I will not discuss that here, but some other remarkable things that will undoubtedly shock you.

Who denies the fact of social discrimination, which is the biggest curse of our society? No one. Maybe you have known many big IT or related companies that offer excellent services, but you will be sad to learn that they never addressed this discrimination issue or tried to take practical steps.

The most affected communities are Asians, blacks and Latino, or other foreign residents. Females and minorities also suffered alot. This discrimination happens at every point in targeting the audience, developing software & making products, offering services, promoting products, and even giving jobs.

At this point, Netooze breaks the shackles. Instead of focusing on the customers, Netooze pays equal attention to its employees also. Because of the importance of having a workforce reflective of the communities they serve, Netooze is committed to promoting diversity in the technology industry by starting with a staff inclusive of all backgrounds.

Diversity and Inclusion Goals

Their main aim is to terminate the discrimination. That’s why the company has set some goals known as D&I, which means diversity and inclusion goals.

  • 50% of women in overall technical roles
  • They prioritised hiring people of Black and Latino descent for at least fifty percent of all newly created roles (internal and external).
  • Every post remains unfilled until a minority candidate who has applied for the job has been interviewed.

Yes, Netooze is delivering the best services, but when it talks about its “team behind the scenes,” don’t take it as a joke; the company has proved it with the positions secured by a diversified workforce.

For example, the leadership of the IT industry is mainly globalized. Compared to 13% of directors in all other sectors and 13.8% of the overall UK population, 18% of IT directors are non-Britishers.

Moreover, Netooze provides ease to all its employees without discrimination. The employees keep all profits. Its main aim is to provide work opportunities to skilled people from all communities, help them to grow more, and earn a handsome income.

In short, this organization cares more about doing good for others than making a lot of money.

Final Words

I hope now you better know what the terms VPS and cloud server mean and how they are beneficial compared to shared or dedicated hosting. If you are soon going to start a website or e-business, you must buy an affordable but best quality VPS or cloud server, like the one offered by Netooze. So, you will rock the world together with Netooze employees.

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