What Are The Top Causes Of Brake Failure?

There is a deep connection between the brake system and the smooth drive of your vehicle. After all, car brakes play an important role in making sure your safety while driving. Its timely inspection must be included in the car maintenance service. Car brake failure is the most common reason that leads to road accidents. Keeping up with time to time brake repair and maintenance can prevent you from such horrible situations. It goes a long way to secure your car and driver as well.

Knowing the common causes of car brake failure benefits you in protecting your car and life as well. Therefore, today I am here to highlight some of the top reasons for brake failure. By understanding all these common causes, you can inspect them on the spot and save yourself from any big trouble. Continue Reading!

Major Reasons for Brake Failure in Vehicle

Brake failure is a common problem in vehicles but yet many car owners don’t pay attention to it. It is crucial to have knowledge about car brakes and their issues so that you can resolve them within a short period. On the other hand, you can visit professional auto repair like Perthcarservice to get reliable brake service for your vehicle. Now, without any delay, let’s discuss the top common causes of brake failure. Here I begin:

Brake Fluid Leak

A brake fluid leak is the common cause of brake failures in your car. This is basically the liquid that transfers to the brake discs when you push your car brakes. When there is any leakage of fluid, it causes you to stop or slow down your vehicle. Before heading on the road, ensure to check for any fluid leaking underneath your car. In addition, you can consult with an expert car technician to repair or replace car brakes.

Brake Pads Overheating

Brake pads make your vehicle stop by gripping the wheel rotor disc while applying the brakes. Due to excessive use, brake pads have to deal with overheating. As an outcome, it decreases the lifespan of your car’s brakes. Also, it increases the time necessary to stop the vehicle. Thus, timely maintaining your brake pads by professionals can lead to the proper working of your brake system. In my view, you can go for Perth Car Service to fix such brake issues effectively.

Distortion in Discs

This is another common cause of brake failure you can deal with. Damaged or old rotor discs reduce the lifespan of your brakes. Due to uneven cooling or heating, the shape of discs can be changed. As a result, it produces distortion in the brake discs and you feel the shakiness in the brake pedal. You should keep your car in lower gear while going downhill. Otherwise, your brake discs can heat up and lead to brake failure. In that situation, visiting a car mechanic to repair or replace the brake pads is the best option you can choose.

Loss of Brake Fluid Pressure

Loss of hydraulic fluid pressure in your car brakes can decrease the life period of the brake system. Also, it reduces the ability to stop your vehicle quickly. If you are facing that your car brakes aren’t working appropriately, tap the brakes 4 to 5 times to force fluid throughout the brake system. If this technique doesn’t help you out, just consult with a brake specialist to inspect the brake parts thoroughly. Make sure to refill the reservoir with brake fluid if needed.

Drive through Mud and Flood

Driving through flooded or muddy roads can lubricate your brake pads and discs. It produces a slippery situation that can endanger you. In that case, pressing the brakes gently helps remove the excess water. Also, it creates proper friction between rotor discs and brake pads. Slow down your car on muddy roads to avoid brake failure. I recommend always following the safety measures before driving your car in wet conditions. Despite that, you can consult with your car technician for guidance and prevent yourself from such situations in less time.

Overloading the Vehicle

Overloading your vehicle seems like nothing at first. But it actually leads to improper functioning of brakes. Too much load can potentially damage the brakes of your car. For that reason, it is crucial to load your car as per manual requirements. Furthermore, if you overload your car with luggage and other extra stuff, it leads your brake to lose its ability to stop the vehicle. As an outcome, it can cause a failure of the brake system.

Final Words

As I stated above, most accidents are caused by the brake system failure of your car. Thus, it is very important to ensure the inspection and maintenance of brakes before heading on the roads. For this purpose, Perth car service is the best and most reliable choice you can have in town. Apart from that, I highlighted all the top causes of brake failure above for a better understanding. Hence, keep them in mind to ensure safety.

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