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What are the RV door lock sets?

What are the RV door lock sets?

So you’ve decided to hit the open road in an RV. Adventure awaits! But before you head out, you’ll want to make sure your recreational vehicle is properly secure. One of the most important parts of RV security is having high-quality door locks. The last thing you need is someone breaking in while you’re sleeping under the stars or exploring a hiking trail. RV door lock sets provide durable locks and handles specifically designed for the doors on recreational vehicles. They help ensure your belongings stay safe inside and unwanted visitors stay outside. With so many options out there, how do you choose the right set for your RV doors? This article will cover the different types of RV door lock sets so you can find ones suited to your needs and budget. Your adventure starts with peace of mind.

What Is an RV Door Lock Set?

An RV door lock set refers to the locking mechanism on the entrance door of a recreational vehicle. It typically includes:

-A deadbolt lock which slides into the door frame to securely lock the door. The deadbolt is harder to break through, providing enhanced security.

-A door handle and latch which control the opening and closing of the door. The latch catches onto the door frame to keep the door closed.

-Keys to unlock the deadbolt and door handle. RV lock sets come with 2-4 keys so you have spares.

-Striker plates which the deadbolt and latch bolt slide into. The striker plates are attached to the door frame.

-Additional options like a keyed entry knob, peephole, and security chain.

When choosing an RV lock set, consider how much security you need and your budget. More robust options made of sturdier materials with added features like bump-proof locks tend to cost more but may be worthwhile for some. Standard lock sets should have a deadbolt and keyed entry knob at a minimum.

Installing an RV door lock set is best left to a professional to ensure it’s done properly. They can also advise you on the most suitable type based on your specific RV model and needs. Keeping intruders out and your belongings in is worth the investment in a high-quality, professionally installed lock set. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your RV and everything in it is securely protected.

Types of RV Door Locks

RV door locks come in a few different styles to suit your needs.


For the most security, deadbolts are your best choice. These sturdy locks slide into the door frame, giving burglars a tough time breaking in. You’ll want a deadbolt with a thick bolt, preferably 1 inch or more. Stainless steel deadbolts also hold up well to weather.

Door Knobs

Simple door knobs, also called passage sets, only lock from the inside. They’re convenient but won’t stop intruders from getting in when you’re away. However, for interior doors, a basic door knob set works great and is budget-friendly.

Keyed Entry

Keyed entry sets, like deadbolts, lock from both sides using a key. They provide good security for exterior doors. Look for a set with a sturdy, tamper-resistant cylinder and a deadbolt for the most protection.

Electronic Keyless

For ultimate convenience, electronic keyless entry sets let you unlock doors with a code or key fob. Many can be set to lock automatically. While not the most secure, electronic locks are handy, especially if you frequently come and go.

With the right locks installed, you’ll have peace of mind that your belongings are secure inside your RV and that you have a safe space to call home on the road. Evaluate your needs and choose a set, or sets, that give you the level of security and convenience you’re looking for.

How to Choose the Best RV Door Lock Set

When choosing an RV door lock set, you’ll want to consider a few factors to find the best option for your needs.


For optimal security, look for a deadbolt lock set. Deadbolts provide an additional locking point beyond the door handle latch. Keyed entry deadbolts, where a key is needed on both sides to unlock, offer the highest security. For convenience, you can also choose a double cylinder deadbolt where a key is only needed on one side.

  • Heavy-duty materials: Look for a lock set made of sturdy materials like stainless steel or hardened steel. These stand up better to forcing or prying.
  • Multiple locking points: More lock points mean more security. Look for a set with a deadbolt, latch, and possibly an additional deadbolt or rim latch.
  • Keyed alike: For convenience, choose a set where the same key opens all the locks in your RV. This way you only need to keep track of one key.


Since RVs encounter a lot of vibration and weather exposure, durability is key.

  • Weather-resistant: Look for a set rated for outdoor use that is water, rust, and corrosion resistant. Stainless steel or coated steel are good options.
  • Long-lasting: Choose a reputable brand that offers a decent warranty. Higher quality sets should last at least 5-10 years.
  • Easy to install: Look for a set that comes with comprehensive instructions for DIY installation or can be installed by an RV service professional. Proper installation is important for durability and security.

By considering factors like security, durability, and ease of use, you can choose an RV lock set that gives you peace of mind that your belongings inside are well-protected on all your adventures.


So there you have it, the basics on RV door lock sets and what options are out there for securing your motorhome. As you’ve learned, you have choices ranging from basic keyed entry to high-tech keyless systems with touchpads or key fobs. Think about how much security you need, your budget, and how convenient you want the locks to be. With some models, you can even control access for different doors or match locks across all entry points. Whichever type you choose, make sure to get a sturdy set that can withstand weather and lots of use. Your RV is your home away from home after all, so get locks that give you peace of mind while out adventuring! Now get out there and find an RV door lock set that’s the perfect fit for you and your rig. The open road awaits!

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