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What are the reasons behind becoming a CPA?


Why become a CPA? Taking the CPA exam is one of the most nerve-wracking experiences. A CPA must meet the work experience, education, and exam requirements, including holding a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, and business administration. CPA designation also requires passing the uniform CPA exam administered by AICPA.

The reasons to become a CPA are:

  • Job Variety
  • Better Salary
  • Respect and Prestige
  • Career Development
  • Job Security

Job Variety:

Certified Public Accountants work in many fields, for government agencies, non-profit, private companies, and so on. They can work in any industry as they wish. Also, there are several niche jobs for CPAs. Take a forensic CPA as an example which works to “follow the money” with law enforcement. They also have flexibility in choosing their careers. There are even more opportunities with increased globalization.

Better Salary:

CPAs have good command in getting higher salaries than Accountants. Many companies, especially those offering the bonuses, have Money in their pocket. You can charge more Money from the clients as an independent CPA. Besides, you can provide the skills with the profession you hold. 

Career Development:

The career options for CPAs remain available for the accountants who didn’t have a licence. The CPAs can represent their clients to the Internal Revenue Services. They can also legally sign the documents which are related to public traded companies. Some of the employers also pay the cost of having a CPA USA exam to increase their employee’s value. One should be aware of paying the CPA exam cost in continuing the Exam and keep the license.

Job Security:

Job Security is the key for all the job seekers and students who want to pursue CPA. It is one of the secured job professions on demand and also gives an advantage over the non-Certified Public Accountants. At present, there are many openings in the companies to retain the CPA talents. They have the option to work for themselves, which leads to job flexibility and security. Thus it allows you in providing great job security for the traditional employee.

Respect and Prestige:

As we know that CPAs are regarded as the highest level of an accountant and that title itself is an amount of prestige. Becoming a CPA shows that you are dedicated to the profession but not only a college graduate. They are highly regarded by employers, clients, and non-professional acquaintances. Even though the CPA exam is difficult if you passed it, then it will boost your confidence.

CPAs make more Money:

Most of the big firms offer bonuses if someone passes the Exam. CPAs can earn more than 15 per cent than non-licensed counterparts. If we found more opportunities for the advancement of the salary differences, that gap can widen $50,000. A trained CPAs is considered to be a money-making professional. They are often more satisfied with doing their daily job and also capable of doing highly specialized functions. CPAs’ values are always evident, and in many industries, it is essential. Being providing and appreciating casual work plays an essential factor in the CPA’s career. 

More Career Opportunities:

CPA opens a wide range of career opportunities and can work just about any industry such as commercial banking, business, aerospace, energy, education, government, entertainment, law media, healthcare, sports, restaurant, and many more. With many technological skills and adoption of new technology, both software and Artificial Intelligence are allowing the companies to offer more services to the clients. 

Great Job Stability:

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the year 2026, there will be a 20 per cent increase in the demand for financial specialists, accountants, and auditors. The growth is pretty faster than the average occupations. Besides, CPAs continue to retire very fast. New jobs will be created throughout time.

International Value:

Many of the firms are working with the U.S companies. If you’re working with a global company which is a non-English speaking country and you pass the Exam then you are going to demonstrate two skills: make you understand business English and make you fluent in English. In other words, the CPA allows you to become an expert for the international firm. Also, CPA offers versatility as the organizations and companies continue to run internationally. Make more earnings easily by having your CPA license outside the U.S. You may also ignore a few requirements in the country you plan the work. 

CPAs are Needed Everywhere:

There is a need for CPAs in all industries like non-profit organizations, corporations, private organizations and so on. When it comes to promotion and recruitment, then the junior accountants with Certified Public Accountant. The workload of every corporation has increased a lot, leading the accounting experts’ shortage which is on a large scale. Also, at the same time, more than 75 percent of the present CPAs will retire within 15 years. Hence, it creates a golden opportunity to jump into the industry. 

CPAs are Indispensable:

The corporate accountability has become one of the concerns for the shareholders. The senior management depends on the CPAs for the corporation’s integrity and financial health. Back in the ’90s, due to the internet boom, there’s a dip in the accounting students. As a result, many people are going into the field of accounting and started to see a shortage. Then, few people exist in creating gaps and accounting jobs. That’s why it’s a great time for all the new CPAs to boost their career.


If you are decided to go for a Certified Public Accountant, then you begin it as a student and wait to pursue the credentials. Now from the above article, we can see the benefits to become a CPA. The next step is in your hand to decide the CPA career or not. You can earn admiration and respect from the peers with CPA. When you are aware that commitment leads to success in the Exam, go on for the CPA exam. Ensure yourself to prepare for the Exam and schedule the time accordingly. Happy Learning!

Author Bio:

Anji Velagana is the Content Strategist at Simandhar Education and has 2 years of experience in content writing and blogging. He loves pursuing excellence through writing and has a passion for technology & educational content. Contact him on LinkedIn.

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