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What are the profiles involved in the development of a website?

development of a website

Creating a successful website is a long process that requires planning, execution, a lot of development and a lot of testing. It must convey trust, be professional, have the information the user is looking for, be easy to navigate and comply with legal requirements to avoid penalties.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not only the work of the web developer that will be necessary for the creation of a website, but it will be essential to have a group of profiles, with clearly defined tasks.

Here we are going to study the most important profiles you’ll need.

What are the essential profiles to develop a website?

1) Web developer

The web developer will have the task of taking care of the technical part of the page. He/she will be the one who will make the hidden gears behind the project and will make sure that everything works in a coordinated way.

In addition to shaping the structure of the site, he or she will also be in charge of programming the actions that we need our visitors to do in order to fulfil the objectives of our project (for example, they can buy, download any file, subscribe to the newsletter, etc.).

Another important task of the web developer is to check that everything works as you would expect it to; that is, he will do the necessary checks and tests to determine this. Of course, he/she will check that it works correctly both on desktop and mobile devices.

That is why it is always important to choose the best professionals, as explained by Yeeply, a web development company that connects professionals based on the needs of each user.

2) Graphic designer

While the web developer is in charge of the hidden part of the product, the graphic designer will be in charge of shaping the visual elements of the page, making it attractive to the visitor.

Their main objective is to implement visual resources that can interest the visitor, with which they can transmit the values of the company.

The work of the professionals who shape any web project must be properly cohesive, but in the case of the web developer and the graphic designer it is even more important. This allows the user’s navigation to be top quality.

The designer must be a creative person, capable of taking initiative and executing his ideas.

3) Content writer

The content writer is the person who will be in charge of translating into messages the idea or ideas that the company wants to transmit to the readers. 

He/she will not only be in charge of writing texts, but will also have to find the right tone to convey the message. Furthermore, these contents must be related to the designs, to the graphic part.

The message sent has to reach and be understood in a natural way, without the user having to make an effort to understand it.

And we cannot forget the positioning part: the content writer will have to work with a series of keywords that he will integrate in his texts to improve the position in the search engines.

4) Online Project Manager

Between so many profiles working on the same project, it will be necessary to put some order. This is where the role of the Project Manager comes into play, who will organise the work of the whole team according to the needs of each project. Thus, he/she will identify the execution times, coordinate the phases and will be ultimately responsible for the website.

He/she will identify the talent, will be in charge of supervising that the team’s tasks are fulfilled, as well as determining what modifications or adaptations should be carried out.

5) Digital marketing expert

Marketing is a set of processes that should always be present throughout the stages that regard the project. 

It is essential that there is an expert in digital marketing who never loses sight of the consumer (who the project is aimed at). This will ensure that the content is always attractive and can be adapted to the different media available.

This expert will be in charge of taking into account all the opinions and will elaborate different strategies to achieve a good diffusion of the brand in the market.

6) SEO/SEM Manager

The SEO/SEM Manager carries out certain actions to disseminate the web project through search engines, social networks and other media.

For example, he/she will be the one to indicate to the content writer the type of text to be written, with the most interesting keywords.

He/she will also be dedicated to the creation of Google AdWords campaigns, being able to manage budgets to obtain maximum performance, with minimum investment.

This profile must always be in tune with the changes in search engines, actively looking for opportunities.

These are some of the most important profiles that work in the development of a website. Depending on what is needed, or the type of project, there could be many others.

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