What Are the Most Overlooked Indoor Air Quality Concerns in the Workplace

Indoor Air Quality Concerns in the Workplace

Indoor air quality in the workplace is a huge problem that plagues many indoor environments. The main cause for this poor condition stems from airborne contaminants like pollen, dust and other allergens which are present day-in/day out without any form of ventilation or screening systems to remove them.

Portable air purifiers and HVAC upgrades are two of the most effective ways to reduce indoor pollution. Offices can mitigate issues relating to indoor air quality through these methods, which will help protect workers from potential health problems as well eliminate unpleasant smells in their workspace or home office environment.

Airborne dust, dirt and other teams are a common cause of allergies. You might be surprised to know that they can also contain harmful chemicals like pesticides or heavy metals which will make you sick if inhaled. To learn about 3 airborne contaminants found in offices with tips on how best to reduce their presence at work. You can protect your health by using an air purifier like Triad Aer Purifier that can clean your indoor air quality. 

The Top 3 Airborne Contaminants Discovered in Businesses

  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Many people are unaware of the dangers posed by volatile organic compounds in office environments. These VOCs can be released through natural processes like breathing or cooking, but sometimes they’re intentional and come from chemical substances that were intentionally added to paints. For example this may have been sitting on your desk without you realizing it.

In fact there’s one type specifically called “formaldehyde” found all over this building in carpets paint thinners too and we know how harmful even small amounts could potentially cause so please do something about it before it’s too late.

The adverse health effects of VOCs on those breathing them in are a major concern for employers. With the advent of new technology, more indoor air quality problems arise from office electronics such as printers and copier machines that emit harmful chemicals into your workplace with every job they do.

With recent studies showing how common VOCs are in the air of offices and hospitals, it’s no wonder that employees experience sick building syndrome symptoms. To combat this problem however there is an easy solution – install an effective air purifier with activated carbon filters.

The fantastic adsorbent media of these filters uses granular activated carbon (GAC) to capture and reduce the presence of VOCs, odors, and harmful gasses. Air purifiers with hydroxyl generating technologies such as ActivePure® are also highly effective in reducing any type or degree from occurring.

  • Mold, Mold Spores, And Fungi Are All Potential Sources Of Infestations

Airborne mold, spores and fungi are present in both new and old workplace environments. Presence of high humidity causes these contaminants to rapidly increase indoors making it dangerous for employees.

Who may become infected with harmful disease causing agents that can lead them into chronic ailments such as asthma which affects over 200 million people alone?

The presence of mold and fungi in an office can be very harmful to employees. These pathogens are usually found on surfaces like carpeting, furniture or break rooms where they may pose a risk not only of long term health effects but also of short-term symptoms. Such as eye irritation from excessive allergies that cause swelling around the eyes called contact lens problems.

Mold and fungi can cause a variety of health problems, including respiratory issues. To prevent this problem we recommend keeping humidity low by using an indoor dehumidifier regularly. It’s also important to ventilate your space properly so that dangerous toxins do not accumulate inside the building.

The air quality in your home can be compromised by both VOCs and hydroxyl generating technologies. VOMS is a common issue for homeowners, as it causes headaches or discomfort to those who breathe them regularly. This type of chemical also poses health risks such as respiratory issues if not dealt with properly.

Use HEPA filters along-side these other types so you’re protected from all angles both above ground level where dust circulates around readily accessible areas like on stairs while simultaneously filtering out. A Deerfield Beach Mold Removal company has recommended the use of purifiers to save yourself from effects of mold and mildews. 

Viruses, Bacteria, And Other Pathogens

Without a doubt, viruses and other pathogens are always present in the air. In offices where people tend to be more stationary at work due their proximity to one another it can rapidly spread infectious diseases among coworkers who come into contact with them constantly throughout your day.

An indoor environment isn’t safe from airborne transmissions no matter how much you move around or change clothes before leaving home even if all those moves were just outside.

The risk for contracting a virus is very real when exposed to someone who has been coughing or speaking with droplets in the air. The airborne viruses that cause SARS-CoV2 can travel throughout an entire room, making it important not just to keep your distance. 

Also take precautions against being infected by staying away from these individuals until they’re no longer contagious. To keep your office virus-free, it’s recommended that you increase ventilation and air filtration. 

The best way to do this is by improving an existing HVAC system or installing MERV 13 filters in order to prevent any airborne pathogens from getting into the building where they could cause problems for people who work there. The presence of viruses like colds is inevitable but with proper filtering equipment no one will be at risk.

The best way to ensure clean air for everyone in your home is by investing in a high-quality portable HEPA filter. These units are easy and affordable, making them perfect additions if you want better quality of life with less allergen around. 


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