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What Are the Most Cost-Effective IT Security Solutions?

As security breaches are growing more frequent, it’s important to ensure your information technology security is at its best. However, there isn’t any one security solution that will work for every business or home user. The most financially sound security solutions will vary depending on the size of the business/home computer, the value of the data being protected, and how often it’s accessed. Here are some of the most cost-effective IT security solutions available today:


Anti Virus Software

One of the most common security solutions is a properly configured anti virus software package.   The malware and spyware that can be prevented by this type of security solution has been responsible for many security breaches in the past. And while recent advances have made it more difficult to distribute malware, it is still being used as one of the primary methods to attack security systems. 

Price: $30 and up yearly subscription


Web Security Gateway

One security solution that has gained in popularity since the last few years is a web security gateway. These security solutions function as firewalls for websites, scanning all incoming and outgoing traffic to detect threats. This security package also includes anti virus protection, URL filtering, mail filtering, spyware detection and more to provide comprehensive protection for networked devices.

Price: $4 – $8 per month (or $45 – $90 yearly) on average


Intrusion Detection Software

Another security solution that has gained popularity among many businesses is intrusion detection software. Since this security solution was first introduced it has been a popular security option, and it is still a very effective security solution. This security package can detect security breaches before they occur and prevent them from happening.

Price: $20 – $30 per month on average



One of the most affordable security solutions available is encryption . The data that is encrypted cannot be accessed without the proper key, so even if a security breach occurs there will not be any sensitive information that can be accessed by cyber criminals. Attacks on security systems have been prevented from occurring simply because the attackers could not gain access to valuable information through encryption.

Price: free (or optional monthly fee for increased protection)


Security Cameras

One security solution that has gained in popularity over the last few years is security cameras . These security solutions are not only affordable, but they can provide security footage of any break ins or other security breaches that occur on the property.

Price: $600 – $3,000 depending on factors like area monitored, camera quality / number of cameras / storage plan etc…


Data Encryption Software

Another security solution that is growing in popularity is data encryption software . Data encryption software allows businesses to encrypt their sensitive data so cyber criminals cannot access it. This security package provides security for a very affordable price compared to other security options.

Price: Free  or $150 – $300 or more for advanced security features that ease key management and encryption deployment etc…



A firewall is a security solution that helps prevent cyber attacks from originating from unwanted users. This security solution detects security breaches before they occur, which prevents the attack from harming the business.

Price: free  (open source) or around $500  for hardware installation


Intrusion Prevention System

An intrusion prevention system works along with a network intrusion detection system product to provide comprehensive security coverage on a networked device’s traffic or data that pass through a given point or device.

Price: $200  on average


Security Information And Event Management Systems

One security solution that has gained in popularity since the last few years is security information and event management systems. This security package allows businesses to identify security breaches as they occur, this helps prevent security breaches from occurring again. Since security breaches are now being detected more quickly, it can be easier to address them right away before they cause massive problems for the business.

Price: free  open source or around $5,000 – $7,500  for hardware installation


These security solutions are the most cost-effective information technology security solutions available on the market today. By using these security packages, it is possible for a business to save money while still keeping security breaches from occurring or being detected in time if one occurs.

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