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What are the Key Growth Drivers of Badminton Shoes Market – Exclusive Report by Fact.MR

Badminton Shoes Market

According to the newest data provided by Fact.MR, global sales of badminton shoe are expected to cross 53,400 thousand pieces in 2019, up from 50,782 thousand units in 2018. One of the main drivers driving investments in the badminton shoes market is the growing popularity of racquet sports, with badminton being one of the most popular. According to the survey, a slew of sports clubs with attractive membership packages are cropping up around the country, providing fertile ground for the adoption of badminton shoes.

Badminton’s popularity as a professional and leisure activity is steadily increasing, making it one of the most widely played sports on the planet. People of various athletic abilities compete in badminton as a rapid and energising activity.

Men Will Continue to Spend More on Badminton Shoes than Women

According to the study, men will continue to spend more on badminton shoes than women and children. Men will continue to lead and report higher involvement levels in badminton, despite the fact that women are increasingly coming forward and participating in badminton in recent years. As a result, companies selling badminton shoes should consider them as a significant target market.

According to the Fact.MR analysis, East Asia will remain a lucrative market for badminton shoes in 2019, with sales expected to exceed 32,400 thousand units. Demand for badminton shoes will remain concentrated in East Asia’s thriving economies, primarily China, Japan, South Korea, and others, where the rising middle class populace will continue to generate revenue-generating opportunities.

Badminton Shoes Manufacturers Center on Incremental Innovation to Maintain a Competitive Edge

Because the badminton shoes market is so competitive, companies are focusing on new developments to increase profits. Incremental innovation is one of the sorts of innovation that producers of badminton shoes are focusing on because it takes less risk and produces great results.

Manufacturers are introducing a succession of improvements or upgrades in their core competences or existing product lines, according to the incremental innovation paradigm.

For example, in addition to the standard rubber and non-marking soles, manufacturers are also supplying innovative non-marking soles with hexagon grip, which will aid in the footwear’s strong ground contact. Furthermore, manufacturers are incorporating innovative mesh technology into badminton shoes, which provide the players with increased flexibility and ventilation.

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