What Are the Key Features of a Good Work Order Software System?

Order Software System

An efficient and highly organized work order program is crucial for a company’s success. 

Hundreds of repair and maintenance requests can need addressing every day, so quick fulfillment of work orders is essential. 

But when work orders contain errors, it can cause costly inaccuracies, delays, and miscommunication. Such problems can arise from using a paper-based work order system. 

On the other hand, when companies switch to a good work order software system, they can avoid such issues and ensure operations run smoothly. 

If your organization is regularly handling work orders, you need to start using a software system to improve efficiency and productivity. 

Via a single dashboard, things like service requests, real-time status monitoring, and feedback are all in one centralized place. 

Let us take a closer look at the key features every good work order software system should have.

Work Request Portal

 The best work order management software comes with a request portal that enables unlimited authorized users to submit work requests and receive automatic updates. 

With a work request portal, your company can avoid duplicate work orders and cut down on the number of requests for status updates. 

Work Order Forms

 With digital work order forms that indicate the job to be carried out, its priority level and its current status, operations will run much more smoothly. 

The best software also allows you to attach files and images to work orders to further clarify issues to others. Work order forms can also include sections to suggest parts that need repairing and supporting information to let technicians know fine details of issues. 

Tasks and Task Groups

 When you use the tasks and task groups features of work order software, you ensure every part of a repair or maintenance procedure is carried out and no stone is left unturned.

 You can schedule maintenance tasks, create checklists, provide standard procedures for repairs, and assign tasks to specific workers. In turn, you can standardize work practices, quicken repairs and maintenance, and significantly cut down on administrative work. 

Cost Tracking

 Tracking costs is pivotal to a successful and efficient business. So, make sure the work order software system you use contains a cost tracking feature. 

You can then track labor hours, parts usage, and other costs to calculate the total cost of the work.

 QR Tagging and Scanning

 When your work order software includes a tagging and scanning feature, operations can run even more efficiently. 

Individual work orders can be automatically tagged with a QR code, enabling users to quickly find and retrieve work orders on a mobile app by simply scanning the QR code.

 Scheduled Maintenance   

 With a scheduled maintenance feature, you can easily create templates for upcoming maintenance and configure triggers that launch preventive maintenance actions.

 With pre-set templates, you can track all schedule maintenance tasks in one place and plan ahead accordingly. 

Work Order Insights

 The more you can closely analyze your work orders, the easier it is to pinpoint areas for improvement and come up with solutions to make your work order system and maintenance procedures even more efficient. 

By using a work order insights feature, you can also predict the risk of open work orders that could impact asset performance. 

Inspection Tasks

 With an inspection tasks feature, you can easily record and monitor which tasks have passed or failed.

 You can add tasks to work orders and configure failed inspections to automatically trigger follow-up work orders. 

Summing Up

 A good work order software system comes with plenty of other features besides those mentioned above, but the features outlined in this article are undoubtedly some of the most important ones to look for when determining which software system to get.

 With the right software, you can make your work order system much more efficient and ensure all equipment is routinely checked and serviced.  

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