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What are the key aspects of call tracking?

Call tracking

Call tracking is an effective marketing analytics tool, providing data on the channels and campaigns which drive phone calls, making it easier to increase leads and conversions.

Call tracking software can help strengthen your business’ marketing attribution and allow you to distribute costs accordingly, with the aim to create major improvements to your business.

To use call tracking effectively, it’s vital to understand some of its key aspects. So, what are they?

Landing page optimisation

A vital aspect of call tracking that is often forgotten, is the insights it can provide on the effectiveness of a website’s landing page.

Depending on the marketing campaign, the landing page often addresses the main aims of a business and is where customers begin their journey. It’s important to create the most effective landing page by perfecting its layout, design, and content.

By tracking calls that come from your website, you can see the touchpoints on the site or the particular pages which resulted in a customer call, and therefore receive insight into customers’ concerns and interests – and adapt the page accordingly.

Customers will then be more likely to stay on your website and potentially visit other pages, so it’s important to know how you could optimise the landing page to ensure a high conversion rate.

Keyword performance

Calls can be attributed to keywords to understand what particular words drive customers to complete their journey toward a conversion.

It also allows for future planning as you can identify new keywords, to potentially become a step ahead of competitors.

Speech analytics are also helpful in identifying new keywords through phone calls. It is a direct way to listen to phrases that customers use to describe their challenges, helping to create the best solutions.

Identifying which keywords generate leads, can provide more accurate paid search reports. 

Call sources

It’s useful to identify keyword performance, but it’s also important to know which sources drive telephone calls, through dynamic phone numbers.

Calls can be tracked through dynamic or static numbers, but dynamic numbers have a stronger advantage for your business’ marketing attribution.

One major benefit of dynamic numbers is knowing what exact sources generate the most calls, allowing a better understanding of all website visits. 

Identifying the exact page of the site or particular campaign that a customer called from, that could have led to a conversion, can help to properly utilise marketing spend and strategy.

Visitor to call ratio

This aspect of call tracking identifies what sources are delivering high-quality phone leads effectively, so it’s easily separable from sources that only generate visitor numbers.

You can then focus on why certain sources are performing well, which aids towards better marketing decisions. Through the insights call tracking provides, it can help to find sources that might not produce the most website traffic, but the best quality leads, giving great value to your business.

With numerous aspects of call tracking, using a combination of them can contribute to your business’ marketing efforts to increase revenue, helping to turn new customers into finalised conversions.

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