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What are the best Oracle UPK alternatives?

Oracle UPK

Gone are the days and the legacy of software applications are numbered. The recent announcement of Oracle user productivity has an important role to play. It has clearly gone on to specify that cloud computing happens to be the future. Oracle has been spinning legacy software for the last few years into the cloud. With a shift in the paradigm, Oracle could end up turning a blind eye to all forms of legacy and mainly the on-premise applications. Let us have an idea about a few Oracle UPK alternatives and discuss them below

Does Oracle plan to incorporate a replacement for UPK?

The official statement of Oracle is that they are not intending any such measure. There are no immediate plans at their end for seeking out a replacement for UPK. So where does this all go in the long run?

  • If there is no development it means there is no security along with compliance upgrades
  • Once the support ends, an Oracle UPK may not comply with the needs of your organization for the procured software
  • There is no form of on-demand service or assistance that is available.

There is only an upside to it as you will be having all the content on the Oracle UPK

The best alternative when it comes to Oracle UPK

The time is not to press the panic button. It is the right time when you need to have a plan of action where you need to formulate a transition to Oracle UPK that is robust, flexible, long-lasting, and goes on to provide you with excellent support. If you are looking for a like-to-like functionality module then Whatflix is the best one to replace. A lot of companies have already gone on to use the same when it comes to the phase of transition.

Businesses all over the world are known to use it for providing on-demand training for their employees. Even a conceptual form of support is being provided on the web and desktop applications. The benefit of core technology interactive software is robust and interactive when it comes to UPK solutions. So, to understand things better a basic comparison of Whatflix against Oracle is necessary. It will give you an idea on why it is suited in terms of the replacement

Content recording and maintenance in an easy manner

Record and test it has been the mantra of the core content creation team of UPK. The record it features goes on to capture the components that are mentioned on the screen The feature of Test goes on to provide outlines for each and every component before taking care of the publishing part.

There is also a concept of single source authoring. What it does is that it allows Whatflix to formulate content that is supported across all formats. The interactive generated walkthrough provides the features of an annotated video, Smart URLs, and an interactive slideshow to name a few of them. Any changes that are made to a walk-through are automatically rolled over to the various things. It goes on to ensure that their maintenance turns out to be an easy task.

App training is provided in real-time rather than through simulations

A popular training method associated with Oracle UPK is the simulations. The moment you have an oracle UPK alternative, it is possible to be taking a step from the simulation that provides the end users with real-time training on a live application. The features of Whatflix tend to hold relevance on a real-time basis. It goes on to stress the concept of learning by doing, which goes on to reduce the time taken for a complex task to be done with relative ease.

Deep analytics and behavioural insights

For a long time, Oracle UPK has been usage tracking and reporting. Whatflix is known to provide a proper analysis when it comes to the behaviour of the users and all form of usage is integrated into the Smart Analytics. It also gives you in-depth data on how the users are interacting with the audience, For example, if you are already using 3th party analytics for your web application, then it can be integrated with the Whatflix account.

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