What are the best Bard builds for the Raiders of the Lost Ark and how do I get a Unicorn mount

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Every raiding party in Lost Ark, as well as every Abyss Dungeon party, will require the services of a bard. The shortage of Supports continues to be severe, which means that if you choose to boost a Bard using the Knowledge Transfer system and begin leveling it through T3, you will almost certainly find easy parties to participate in for content such as Argos.

Constructing for Bard’s PvE Assistance

The Serenade Meter fills up with bubbles as you use abilities, and the Serenade Meter fills up as you cast abilities. Serenade of Courage (which grants you an attack buff) and Serenade of Salvation (which heals everyone in the area) are the two options available for burning these bubbles. When it comes to playing a successful Bard, the ability to maintain a sense of balance is essential. Skills that are optional:With the Rhythm Buckshot, you have an excellent counter-advantage ability.

In any game, the use of combos and the mechanics of the game are critical components.
Besides being a healer, she also provides a variety of buffs and debuffs, the majority of which are provided by abilities such as Sound Shock and the Sacred Shock Tripod on Heavenly Tune, or the Intense Tune Tripod on Heavenly Tune, among other abilities. Rotate through these buffs and debuffs as quickly as possible, making sure not to overlap any of the effects. It will take some time to become accustomed to this. Also learn what is Ark Pass in Lost Ark.

The Best of Bard’s Engravings at their Best

If possible, you should bring the following engravings to Bard, in the following order of significance:
The ability to maximize maximum MP is useful because Swiftness bards rotate abilities quickly, and it’s possible that you’ll find yourself in need of the extra MP (this is a late acquisition).

In Raiders of the Lost Ark, here’s how to get a free Unicorn mount.

Here’s how to get your hands on the latest Twitch release if you’re looking for a new mount to use with the best Lost Ark classes when they launch in April 2022. Please keep in mind that the Unicorn Box & Shard Set reward will only be available from now until May 9 at 12 a. m. Pacific Time (Pacific Time), so act quickly!

In order to obtain the Unicorn mounts, you must first sign into your Twitch account and then link it to your Lost Ark account. To get started, go to the Buy Cheap Lost Ark Gold website and sign into your account with your credentials. Twitch will then be able to link your account with your existing one from there.

Follow the on-screen instructions to redeem the Unicorn Box & Shard Set from your Drops Inventory page on Twitch, which can be found here. You’ll have access to the drop in your Mail when you reload cheap lost ark gold, and you’ll be able to choose between Pinky, Aurora, White, or Black Cone mounts when you do so. As an added bonus, you’ll receive 1000 Amethyst Shards in addition to the stunning new mount.

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