What are the Benefits of SOC as a Service to Your Company? 

SOC as a Service to Your Company

The cybersecurity of an organization requires a lot of consideration in its making, and one of such is whether or not a SOC should be inaugurated in-house or if SOC-as a service should be opted for.

 SOC-as-a-Service is a third-party security solution where a vendor operates a SOC team and makes his services available to organizations based on subscription.

SOCaaS is handled by a team at the Security Operations Center (SOC), whose job is to identify cybersecurity threats, block them, and investigate them while responding to such threats where necessary.

SOCaaS will handle the security tasks that you would ordinarily need an in-house SOC to do, and their duties include network monitoring, intelligence and threat detection, log management, incident response and investigation as well as risk, reporting, and compliance.

In house SOC vs SOCaaS: How to decide on the best option for your Organization

The nature of your organization and its services might make it imperative for you to have an in-house SOC team or a SOCaas. Here’s a quick guide to help you decide.

In house SOC SOCaaS


ü If your organization has strong cybersecurity as well as security maturity


ü If you can’t invest in advanced security technologies


ü If you need to uphold specific regulations that third-party vendors cannot keep up with.


ü If your organization doesn’t have space to house the SOC team.


ü If your security practices require top-notch granularity



ü If you need a specialized team to handle specific issues throughout the day.
ü If your company has made investments in technology and a tech team and wants to continue that way.


ü If your organization’s security needs vary based on cycle, season, or time of the year.

ü If your cybersecurity maturity is low

What you stand to gain by Choosing SOCaaS

The benefits of SOCaaS over conventional in-house SOC include:

  1. Quick Incident Identification and Handling

SOCaaS have updated security tools and experienced staff that can recognize security incidents, classify, and address them quickly while ignoring false threat alerts and focusing on real ones, which goes a long way to save time.

  1. Reduced Security Risks

Thanks to its continued monitoring throughout the day, a SOC as a service solution reduces the risks of security breaches and identifies intrusions before they enter the network. SOCaaS solution also handles software updates and patching to avoid security breaches.

  1. Saves Cost

Third-party SOC saves the cost associated with purchasing all the equipment and software, as well as hiring all the experts needed to deliver security. Instead, you only pay a subscription fee or pay for SOCaaS based on the services you use.

  1. Flexible and Scalable

SOC-as-a-Service is a flexible and adaptable solution. The team and services are scalable up or down to respond to your organization’s needs or for a specific incident.

  1. Talent and Experience Availability

Companies can depend on talents from their SOC service providers instead of spending a lot of money to retain talents on their in-house team. When these companies need experts to handle security problems, they can also depend on the expert teams within the third-party organization.



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