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What Are The Benefits Of Sleeping On A Plus Mattress

What Are The Benefits Of Sleeping On A Plus Mattress

When there is sleep talk, it is always associated with the comfort level at home, the bedtime habits to unwind, and, of course, a comfortable mattress. At the end of the day, everyone needs quality sleep in the best sleep environment. When it comes to comfort, it is subjective and not a simple, single solution. However, certain types of mattresses are made specifically to support the muscles, joints, and bones and also help with long-term health. A plus mattress online is one such mattress for excellent sleep. Leading in this segment is Wakefit, with its various Plus mattress types. Before you go ahead and buy it, here are some of the benefits of sleeping on a Plus mattress. 

What is a Plus Mattress?

Before you jump to the benefits of using a Plus mattress, you must understand what a Plus mattress is. A plus mattress is a premium or luxury mattress that is designed to adapt to the lifestyle of the person. If you dream of sinking into a soft cloud after a hard day, a Plus mattress gives you just that. It is a mattress that cradles your body to alleviate pain and aches and aids in drifting off to sleep. While some manufacturers offer ultra-soft mattresses, there are a few brands that understand the sweet spot of firmness and offer medium-firm mattresses. Its firmness strikes a beautiful balance of comfort and support, making it an ideal choice for all types of sleepers. 

When it comes to the size and dimensions of the Plus mattress, it comes in sizes like:

  • King Size Plus mattress: It is 75×30 inches or more and offers spacious luxury to give a couple a great night of rest. It is ideal for sleepers who need more room or want to accommodate their child or pet in bed. 
  • Queen-size Plus mattress: This measures 72×42 inches or more and offers a generous amount of sleeping space for couples.
  • Double bed Plus Mattress: It measures 72 x 35 or more and is made for day beds or seating areas. It is a great option for compact living spaces and single adults. 
  • Single bed Plus Mattress: It is of size 72*30 and is a good choice for teenagers and kids. It is snug and compact and great for dorms or children’s rooms. 

Advantages of Plus Mattresses

Enhanced Comfort

Comfort is highly subjective, but people who buy Plus mattresses get enhanced comfort. A premium mattress may be a comfortable choice for you, but a Plus mattress is a step ahead as it uses high-quality and dense materials. It uses a higher density material for the base support, and the top layers can be made of memory foam, latex, or other such material for added comfort. Plus, many manufacturers use the latest technology and provide advanced features, making it pressure-relieving as well as plush. The contouring comfort and the pressure relief make the environment you sleep in comfortable and allow you to drift to sleep faster. 

Muscle Relaxation

One of the main advantages of a Plus mattress is that it provides great pressure relief, which is critical for quality sleep. If you have pains and aches or orthopaedic conditions, Plus mattresses come in many types, like Ortho Plus, which fulfils the pain-relieving requirements while the surface is not too soft or hard. A Plus mattress reduces the pressure on the muscles by helping maintain the proper body and spinal posture during sleep. It reduces the pent-up pressure on the muscles by offering contouring so that there is no reactive pressure from the surface. That gives you a cloud-like experience when sleeping on a Plus mattress.  

Wake-up Rejuvenated

When you sleep on a surface that offers zero reactive pressure and enhanced comfort, you sleep quicker and better. Because the mattress offers great comfort, you get deep sleep for more hours, and your body rejuvenates and refreshes at night. So when you wake up in the morning, you feel well-rested and rejuvenated. When you sleep on a Plus mattress, there is no tossing and turning but a sound and relaxing slumber. 

Motion Isolation

Plus mattresses provide great motion isolation, which means you do not get disturbed when your partner gets out of bed or tosses on them. The Plus mattress does not allow the motion to transfer across the surface of the mattress as it absorbs the motion. It prevents you from getting sudden jerks due to partner movement. 


A mattress is a considerable investment, and you want it to last as long as possible. A Plus mattress is a durable choice as it is made from high-quality materials and hence has great durability and longevity. There is also less sagging and wear and tear due to the use of premium materials, so it can be used for a long time. 

Various Types of Plus Mattresses

A plus mattress is a premium mattress that is designed using various materials.

  • Latex Plus Mattress: It is a cushy mattress made from an eco-friendly latex material. It is highly breathable and provides great body support. 
  • Ortho Plus Mattress: It is specifically designed to provide a supportive surface for pressure relief and joint pain. It corrects the spinal alignment and reduces pain and aches. 
  • Duo Plus Mattress: It is a dual-sided mattress where there is a hard side and a soft side. It is ideal for those who like to change the feel of their mattress. 
  • Ortho Plus ActiveCool Mattress: It is a mattress that offers a cool surface to sleep on as it helps regulate your body temperature. 

A Plus mattress is a premium mattress that not only prioritises comfort by providing a cloud-like surface, it is also supportive. The core of the mattress provides support, and the Plus mattress has a dense supportive core and plush comfort layers for a plush feel. Additionally, it offers all the benefits of a supportive, firm mattress, making it an ideal choice for anyone who wants support and comfort in their mattress.  

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