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What are the benefits of mobile retargeting? What is mobile retargeting?

Mobile retargeting involves re-attracting customers who have already accessed our mobile site from a browser on their phone or another mobile device or customers who have downloaded our app. This includes not only people who have already bought a product from our company but also those who have only visited our site. Mobile retargeting uses two ways to obtain consumer information. Their movements are tracked either through the cookies they leave in their browser or through their individual advertising ID, which is found in mobile applications. Tracking these movements allows us later, to display personalized offers to customers of our products or services, in domains that allow ads to appear. 

Why, in general, retargeting by mobile is profitable?

The average user of a mobile device spends about 3-4 hours a day in it. Especially it is seen in the young generations. Nowadays, while sitting in the waiting room, in the bus, or just walking across the estate, you may notice that a lot of the people you are passing, have a phone in their hands and are probably using it. This causes, that a huge amount of data and information about Internet users, flow into the Internet. Mobile retargeting therefore is a particular value here, as it uses this data to create personalized advertising for users. Thanks to this, if the user intended to buy an item, but got distracted and forgot about it, he may come across a reminder that will tell him what he needs.

The most significant benefits of using mobile retargeting

Mobile retargeting can be really beneficial to businesses, especially if the campaigns are well-prepared and run. There are many reasons why you should consider it, if you are in the e-commerce industry.

Lower customer acquisition costs

It has been known for a long time that the costs of acquiring a new client are much higher than the costs of keeping him. Guided by this principle, we should consider mobile retargeting. The vast majority of people who visited your online store or downloaded your application were interested in what you sell, at least for a while. This in turn means that it will be easier to convince them to buy anything, than people who don’t need your product at all. Thanks to the retargeting technique tailored to the client, you spend your resources on those people for whom you can be sure that they are potential buyers.

Better sales conversion

For many people, the most important advantage of mobile retargeting is increased sales conversion. Thanks to this marketing method, you are able to estimate when a given internet user may need your product. By displaying your advertisements to him regularly, adjusting them to the content he may like, and of course, by offering temporary discounts on a given product, you motivate the customer to buy. And this increases sales. 

Increasing the visibility of the brand

Building brand awareness is a very important factor that ultimately influences the customer’s purchase decision. It’s pretty evident that people don’t trust things they don’t know and it’s pretty hard to convince them to make this first purchase. However, if a brand is often displayed and builds its visibility in the subconscious of the consumer, it automatically becomes more trustworthy in his eyes.

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