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What Are The Benefits Of An Offshore Software Development Firm?

Every employer knows the challenges associated with hiring staff. Not only are labor costs constantly rising, but there’s also the struggle of finding employees with the exact skills you require. 

Keeping labor costs low while finding highly-skilled workers that you can actually retain is one of the most difficult aspects of running a business, especially in a sector like software development in which you can’t scrimp on talent. 

Enter: offshore software development. 

Offshore software development involves hiring a team of staff in another country that typically has more workers trained in your sector and lower labor costs. By working with an expert offshore software development firm, you can build a team of experienced professionals recruited to fit your exact requirements.  

Here are just some of the benefits you can expect to enjoy. 

Lower Costs

Keeping costs low without compromising the quality of your service is a constant struggle for employers. In countries like the US, the demand for top wages in software development is especially high, which pushes up labor costs for development firms. That’s where offshore software development comes in.

By recruiting offshore in countries within places like Eastern Europe and Latin America, you can pay less for labor without negatively impacting the quality of work. Plus, by investing money in employees who have been expertly selected for your business, you reduce costly staff turnover. 

That’s a win for your customers and a win for your bottom line. 

Access to Talent

While recruiters in Silicon Valley fight over a few successful software developers, talented individuals from other countries often miss out on the top jobs. By recruiting further afield, you’ll have access to a greater pool of talent, with software developers who are just as experienced, knowledgable, and talented as their US counterparts.

Simple Scaling

As with any business, your key objective is to keep growing your profits. But financial growth requires more staff, and scaling up a team in the US can be difficult without spending a fortune and competing ferociously against other firms. 

By working with an offshore development firm, you’re able to scale your team quickly and easily without worrying too much about excessive labor costs or struggling to find enough developers. 

More Free Time

The one thing every business owner or HR manager wishes they had more of is time. Many business owners spend about 40% of their time dealing with non-revenue-generating tasks such as hiring. 

This is 40% of your time that could otherwise be spent growing your company and increasing that all-important bottom line. The key advantage of using an offshore software development firm is the time it saves you and the rest of your HR team. 

Expert offshore development firms work hard, so you don’t have to by custom building your dedicated development team until it perfectly fits your requirements. 

By working with an offshore development firm, TurnKey Labs, you can recruit your dream team using your preferred recruitment process and enjoy transparency throughout the whole process. 

Not only do they assemble your dream team, but they’ll also help you keep them, with a world-class retention program that reduces churn. Offshore software development has never been easier.

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