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What Are the Advantages of Engineering Course After 12th Grade?

What Are the Advantages of Engineering Course After 12th Grade

So, you have completed your 12th grade, and are exploring career options in the science field? Well, you must have considered engineering or BTech courses as an option, well this degree opens the door for multiple career avenues, and with getting a good salary package, this degree holds numerous other advantages which is why around 15 lakh students chose to pursue engineering in the year 2021.

And in this article, we’ll uncover all the advantages you will receive after choosing this course from the best engineering colleges in Gandhinagar.

Table of contents

  1. Engineering Degree- Overview

  2. Advantages of Engineering Course After 12th Grade

  3. Why Choose DAIICT to pursue engineering courses

  4. Final thoughts

  5. Frequently Asked Questions

Engineering Degree- Overview

Engineering is a field of study that uses science, technology, and math to create, design, develop, and maintain new machines, buildings, software, hardware, systems, and processes. Top engineering colleges in Gujarat offer BTech, BE, MTech, ME, and engineering diploma courses in various streams to make students experts in a specific field.

Course Level Undergraduate
Course Duration 4 Years
Eligibility Criteria
  • Applicants must have cleared the final examination of 10+2 level with physics, chemistry/ mathematics from a recognised state/central board of education.

  • Age- Only applicants whose birthdays are on or after October 1, 1998, are eligible.

Admission process Admission will be given on the merit basis of JEE Mains.

Schedule caste and scheduled tribe candidates will be given admission on relaxed criteria.

specialisation available
  • B. Tech. Information & communication technology

  • B.Tech. Mathematics and Computing

  • B.Tech. Electronics and VLSI Design

  • B.Tech. in ICT with Computational Science as a minor

Tuition fee Rs. 1,02,000 per semester

Advantages of Engineering Course After 12th Grade

After completing the engineering course from the best engineering colleges in Gandhinagar, a wide variety of occupations are available for you to select by your interests. You can leave a lasting and beneficial impression on the world as an engineer.

  • An opportunity to revolutionize society- From electronic gadgets to water dams to computers and other technological advancements all are inventions done by engineers. They have the power to bring innovation and make the day-to-day lives of human beings easier.

  • Transferable skills- During your engineering course from the best engineering colleges in Gandhinagar, you’ll have various skills such as logical thinking, decision-making, and objectivity, that will help you in escalating engineering jobs as well as are helpful if you want to make a career switch.

  • Enhance creativity– Engineering is a fascinating course as it integrates knowledge of science, maths, and creativity. This course will teach you to challenge conventional wisdom and think of fresh solutions. You must be creative and able to see beyond what has already been done and innovate something creative.

  • Respect and admiration- In India, and around the world, engineers are respected & admired for their innovation & changes. Students’ efforts to obtain their engineering degrees from the best engineering colleges in India are worthwhile since people turn to engineers for fresh discoveries and advancements in society.

  • Enormous career opportunities– Engineering is one field where there is no shortage of career opportunities. After completing BTech, students can take admission at one of the top private m tech colleges in India or join an MBA course. Or can take jobs in various industries such as IT, finance & banking, electronics, knowledge process outsourcing, aerospace, and aeronautics, etc.

Let’s take a look at the top job profiles offered to BTech graduates

Electronics & Communication Engineer Electrical Engineer Software Developer
Electronics Engineer Robotics Engineer Telecommunication Engineer
Lecturer/Professor Computer science engineer Machine learning engineer
Data Analyst System Analyst Software engineer
  • Financial security- With enormous career opportunities, BTech courses also offer lucrative salary packages to its graduates. If you study from the top b tech colleges in India, such as DAIICT you will receive an average placement package of 20.25 LPA and the highest package is 82 LPA.

  • International opportunities- The engineer’s job role is to design and bring solutions to everyday problems, such as water, electricity, etc. and due to this reason, they are demanded in every part of the world. So, if you are someone who wants to build a career internationally, then choosing an engineering course at the best engineering colleges in Gandhinagar will give you a lot of travel and international opportunities.

Why Choose DAIICT to pursue engineering courses

  • DAIICT has partnered with reputed companies such as Microsoft, OYO, KPMG, Google, Sprinklr, DE Shaw, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, etc. to recruit and provide summer internships to their students.

  • Faculty members of this college are well-qualified and have received various awards and accolades for their research work.

  • Students belonging to financially backward families with a minimum of 60% aggregate in classes 10th & 12th can apply for the scholarship programs.

  • DAIICT is known as one of the best engineering colleges in Gandhinagar for its quality education, world-class infrastructure, and placement opportunities.

Final thoughts

For science students, Engineering is one of the best career options. Furthermore, different streams available in engineering courses in the best engineering colleges in Gandhinagar offer different career opportunities. So, choosing the correct stream that matches your career goals and skills is very important.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the scope of engineering in the future?

Because of globalization, the scope for engineering graduates has tremendously expanded nationally and internationally. Students after studying at the best engineering colleges in Gandhinagar will get lucrative employment options in private and public sector organizations with handsome pay packages. And according to the leading newspaper, The Hindu, in the next 5 years, India will have 12 million openings for engineering jobs.

  1. Why an engineer can become a successful entrepreneur?

Engineers possess creative skills, innovative skills, technological skills, and risk-taking skills, and are great problem-solvers. And these skills play an important role in making an engineer a successful entrepreneur.

  1. How do engineers impact our future?

Engineers hold an influential position in various sectors of our economy. Engineers shape the world around us and make it better for us on a daily basis by creating new systems and structures, enhancing current ones, and creating new technologies. Engineers are leading the way in innovation as technology advances, by coming up with fresh and better ways to address the problems we confront.

  1. What is the fastest-growing career option in India in 2023?

In 2023, Engineering students in India will find great career prospects in data scientist’s jobs, and in the field of cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and machine learning, cloud computing, and app development.

  1. Is BTech better than BE?

Yes, in India BTech degree is considered better than BE, as the former degree concentrates on teaching theoretical as well as practical aspects of engineering concepts.

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