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What are the Advantages of Crawl Space Encapsulation? The Essential Points to Consider

Crawl Space

Almost 50% of the air that you breathe inside your house has the chance of flowing from the crawl space encapsulation. That means you should keep the crawl space dry and clean as the earliest. At times, the vented crawl space can absorb moisture and make your home vulnerable to wood rot, water damage from mold, decreased energy efficiency, and pest infestation. The moisture can lead to a mix of unwanted issues. Therefore, it is necessary to keep extra moisture away from the house.

Understanding crawl space encapsulation

The crawl space encapsulation means adding a heavy-duty polyethylene barrier for covering the crawl space comprising foundation walls, floors, and the ceiling. Hence, an encapsulation barrier can appear similar to the swimming pool that averts leaks. Here the barrier will work best when it can cover the crawl space totally. Furthermore, the sealing tape can connect pieces of the barrier all across the space. That means the moment the space gets sealed, a dehumidifier can help in regulating the moisture of the crawl space level. To know more about it, you can check out professional concrete crawl spaces solutions.

The essential benefits to consider

  • Enhances air quality –The crawl space encapsulation will promote clean air circulation throughout the house, making it much healthier to breathe. There unsealed crawl spaces have more moisture. And when the moisture gets remove, the humid air will not circulate across the house.
  • It can remove the insect infestation –The insects comprise of termites and need the moisture to survive. The crawl space encapsulations reduce the probability of developing conditions that can bring about the termites. You need to avert the chances of insect infestation and any drastic damage. And you can only get this done with professional encapsulation.
  • It maximizes healthy living conditions –People don’t intend to get sick by staying at their own house. Also, encapsulating the crawl space of the house, will make the home a cleaner space to breathe and stay.
  • It prevents mildew and mold –Unwant moisture problems are prevent when the moisture is remove beneath the house. Also, there is no chance of any wet odors and musty smells entering the house from the air condition and heating unit.
  • Thwarts structural damage –When it comes to stability in the long run for the foundation of the house, it is essential to avert moisture from getting accumulated in the crawl space. And when you can put a stop to the dampness that could have gathered in the crawl space. It is necessary to prevent it from getting into the dirt that encapsulates the house foundation. The gutters aim the water far away from the foundation of the home. However, the moist crawl space beneath the house can lead to trouble. Hence, the crawl space encapsulation can avert the retention of moisture and then make the foundation stable for years to come.

Finally, with the crawl space encapsulation, the home temperature of the tile and hardwood floors will get more comfortable. You can walk on quickly, especially during the winter months. It means the encapsulation can prevent the home from feeling humid and wet during the summer months.


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