What are the advantages of CNC milling?

advantages of CNC milling

If you want to make a new product as a company, you could choose to use CNC prototyping for this. This is the abbreviation of Computer Numerical Control and can be used in combination with various techniques, such as milling. Together this is called CNC milling, which can also be used by scientists for the creation of various tools and products. This production method has a number of advantages, of which you can read two examples in this article.

Accurate and reliable process

CNC milling has the advantage that it is an extremely accurate process that can also be repeated. Close tolerances between approximately 0.001 inch and 0.005 inch are already possible, although this depends on the specifications of the design. Moreover, the machines can run 24/7 in a reliable manner, although it must be programmed that way. CNC milling is valuable for making custom and one-off components, among other things. This allows you to replace older parts, although it could also be a specialized upgrade. Nevertheless, it is also an option to scale up the production of one piece to runs of more than 10 thousand pieces. In other words, you can do a lot with CNC milling. In addition, this will not even take very long, depending on the number of pieces, complexity and size, the lead time for parts can only take one day.

Lower costs of CNC machining

To get the most cost effective CNC machined components it is recommended to opt for larger production runs. This will spread the costs of the machine settings. The unit price for CNC milling will therefore decrease step by step as the print run increases. Structured batch production and shipment of the parts can also reduce wastage, while also reducing inventory costs. 3-axis CNC milling is the simplest setup of all the different machine configurations. This is also the cheapest method to create uncomplicated components with high tolerances. 5-axis CNC milling is of course also possible. You then have two options: indexed 5-axis CNC milling and continuous 5-axis CNC milling. Which one is better depends on the product you want to make. It is wise to hire an expert for this. This specialist can tell you which machine configuration is most suitable for your situation.

Number of benefits for using the 3D Hubs platform

Order quality, precision CNC machined parts from a network of manufacturers in the Americas, China, Europe and India.

  • Instant CNC quotes for up to 1,000 parts
  • Delivery times from 3 working days
  • Overseas shipping and customs included, no customs clearance fees
  • 50+ metals and plastics, 10+ surface finishes
  • Tolerances up to ± .0008 ” (0.020 mm)
  • Rapid prototyping and full production
  • ISO9001, ISO13485, AS9100 certified manufacturing partners.

Learn to use a CNC machine

Are you looking to get your hands dirty with CNC machining? Then there are several ways to learn how to operate a CNC mill or CNC lathe. 

  • Visit your local Fab Lab: Many Fablabs and Makerspaces have CNC milling capabilities and they will run courses on how to operate them. Visit the official list of Fab Labs to find one near your area.
  • Find resources online: There are a lot of useful resources online to help you hone your CNC machining skills. The Titans of CNC Academy and NYC CNC are probably two of the best sites to get you started. 
  • Apply for an apprenticeship: Apprenticeships are probably the best way to kickstart your career as a CNC machinist. They are offered by established machine shops and many Universities.
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