What Are The 5 Major TV Networks? 

Currently, the number of TV shows and movies produced every day is only increasing, and there is no stop to them. However, when it comes to daily television, we all like to turn on our TV after reaching home from work and tune in to some news, sports matches, and television. So today, in this post, we will discuss the major TV networks in the world. 


CBS News is a well-known network in the USA, and it’s also known as the news division of the American television and radio service CBS. You will be able to stream various types of shows like the famous CBS Evening News, CBS Mornings, news magazine programs CBS News Sunday Morning, 60 Minutes, 48 Hours, and so many more. CBS has always been an undivided part of the television in the USA, where the normal citizens will switch to their television channel once the TV is on.

From streaming the news to getting updated with so many useful things daily, CBS has always been a great influence not only on America but also at the global level, and their network is growing every day. 


ABC is a well-known name among all Americans since they are operating at the highest level in the television industry. Walt Disney owned ABC, and from the 1970s till now, they are producing and managed films, tv shows, and other subnetworks. ABC has managed to create a significant impact on the television industry, and from the last few decades, they are growing rapidly.  

If you are into football like many others and trying to find a way to use for streaming the football, then don’t worry, because ABC allows its users to stream the football matches live on any device with additional packages. Many users who struggle to stream their favorite movies, shows, or even sports matches can always go with ABC and enjoy enormous fun. 


We all have to agree that none can come closer to the way HBO has managed its entertaining organization over the many long years. Looking at the existing conditions of the streaming platforms, HBO has entered into that, making tons of new origin content. Everything falls under the networks of HBO, from the movies to sports matches. The strong production house that produces hundreds of films and tv shows per year makes huge profits for its investors. The company has been highly valued in the markets and the consumer’s response because of the top-notch service. 


Whether it’s cricket, football, or volleyball, every type of major sport is broadcasted worldwide by this giant company. ESPN has managed to get their services in countries like India for a long time, and they are now dominating the Asian region. ESPNU is already a major TV channel service in the USA, and they are still one of the favorites among the viewers. 

ESPN broadcasters NBA, football, and the super bowl show, so anyone who loves sports cannot live without their subscription services. Looking at the customer’s responses, you can see how famous they have become, and their collaboration with other companies has made them even bigger than any of their competitors. 

Channel 5

So if we are going to talk about the UK, then Channel 5 is the biggest network operator in the industry. They have been operating in it for a very long time, and so far, they have managed to create a huge impact on the viewers. Channel 5 users have been using to stream their desired shows and all other sorts of content from this channel with just one click.

It has all the famous shows from cartoons to real ones, so you have got plenty of options to choose from if anyone who is living in the UK would for sure know that this is the channel which they can always use for a longer period. 


So these are the top TV networks globally, especially the USA and UK regions. The television industry has been growing a lot; from the growing streaming platforms like Netflix, everything is changing, and the traditional players are adjusting with it. Yet, we cannot ignore the fact that the television industry is still one of the top views among the people. If you have any doubts or questions regarding any of the streaming mentioned above platforms, leave a comment below. 

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