What Are Some Common Battery Types Like 1632 Battery And Their Uses?

Common Battery

Batteries are available in a wide kind of shapes, sizes, and chemistries, each appropriate for different applications. Understanding those differing types lets you choose the right battery for your desires. Let’s explore a few common battery sorts, consisting of the 1632 battery and others, and their usual makes use of.

Coin Cell Batteries

  • 1632 Battery

The 1632 battery, also called the CR1632 or CR1632 3V battery, is a coin cell battery typically utilized in small electronic devices. The “CR” denotes that it’s far a lithium manganese dioxide battery, that is non-rechargeable and offers a solid voltage of 3V. Lithium battery cr1632 3v is regularly discovered in key fobs, small medical devices, calculators, and watches because of their compact size and long shelf existence.

  • CR1216 Battery Equivalent

The CR1216 battery is every other sort of coin cell battery. It is smaller than the CR1632, measuring 12mm in diameter and 1.6mm in thickness. The CR1216 battery equivalent alternatives consist of the CR1632 battery equivalent watch battery equivalent, which is used in devices like watches, small far-flung controls, and a few types of calculators. Equivalent batteries would possibly consist of the CR1220, which has an equal diameter but is slightly thicker and hence can on occasion serve as a substitute in compatible gadgets.

Cylindrical Batteries

  • 18650 Battery

The 18650 battery is a famous rechargeable lithium-ion battery with dimensions of 18mm in diameter and 65mm in duration. These batteries are acknowledged for his or her high energy density and long existence cycles, making them best for use in laptops, high-powered flashlights, electric cars, and various forms of electronic gadgets. 18650 batteries are often used in battery packs for laptops and are popular in DIY initiatives because of their reliability and electricity potential.

  • 21700 Battery

The 21700 battery is the more recent type of lithium-ion rechargeable battery, measuring 21mm in the diameter or 70mm in length. It offers the higher potential compared of the 18650 battery, which translates to longer run times for gadgets. This battery type is increasingly being adopted in electric automobiles and high-drain devices, along with high-overall performance flashlights and energy equipment. The larger size and capability make the 21700 battery a desired choice for applications requiring big power.

Button Cell Batteries

  • CR1216 Battery AG Equivalent

The CR1216 battery AG equivalent refers to alkaline options to the CR1216 lithium battery. While lithium batteries like the 1216 watch battery equivalent offer a steady 3V output, AG equivalents normally offer 1.5V and are utilized in lower-strength devices. However, for most programs, the lithium version is desired due to its longer lifespan and higher strength density.

  • CR1216 Battery Equivalent 1220

The CR1216 battery equivalent 1220 indicates that the CR1220 can be utilized in the vicinity of the CR1216 in some gadgets. The CR1220 is slightly thicker, at 2.0mm, as compared to the 1.6mm thickness of the CR1216. This makes the CR1220 potentially appropriate for devices with enough clearance for the added thickness, imparting an extended lifespan due to the bigger capacity.

  • CR1216 Battery Equivalent Energizer

The CR1216 battery equivalent Energizer is a specific emblem version of the CR1216 battery. Energizer’s batteries are recognized for their reliability and lengthy shelf lifestyles. When searching for an equivalent, clients regularly try to find legit manufacturers like Energizer to ensure the overall performance and longevity of their gadgets.


Knowing the precise needs of your gadgets and the traits of diverse battery sorts is essential. The CR1632, CR1216, 18650, and 21700, 1216 watch battery equivalents are just a few examples of the numerous array of batteries to be had. The CR1632 3V battery and its equivalents are important for small electronics, while the 18650 battery and 21700 battery serve excessive-drain packages like laptops and electric automobiles. Choosing the proper battery ensures superior overall performance and sturdiness of your digital devices.

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