What are PTE games

What are PTE Games

PTE or Play-to-Earn games are a new trend and business model in the gaming industry. What makes them so interesting and different is that players globally are taking on a new role in the game ecosystem as sole owners of in-game assets, all thanks to blockchain and NFTs.


While earning an income from playing was possible before PTE games arrived on the scene, it was far from widely accessible. That is no longer the case because every NFT game now provides the player the opportunity to obtain, own, trade, and sell items as they desire. 


Many NFT games have already rocked the market significantly, with positive pushes for an individual’s payoff on playing. Let’s kick it off with a great example of Solchicks, a game that is not only fun but that provides a large margin of return on investment of time and skills.


Benefits of PTE games 


The benefits of Play-to-Earn games are several. The first thing you want to be aware of is that items you collect, win, or obtain are yours to keep. This is due to the introduction of blockchain tech that makes sure that all of the ownership data stays put on the blockchain. 


It is no longer the case that what you win is not yours. Quite the opposite, you are free to sell, trade, or purchase anything on an NFT marketplace or in the game itself. For example, selling it for cryptocurrency earns you real value and profit. The more you play and the more you get means more to sell and that means profit. 


While the time you spent playing non-PTE games meant much for your skills and patience, but not much for income, here you will be getting rewards for the effort and time you put in. You can expect to get rewards like assets or game tokens. 


Even if you find yourself not wanting to continue to play a certain game anymore, you will not walk away with empty hands. On another plus side, these games are incredibly well-thought-out in terms of design, gameplay, story, and the overall excitement provided. 


Making money with NFT games


The answer you’ve probably been looking for. Well, even if not everyone is ecstatic over the very real combination of gaming and finance, some are seizing the opportunity as we speak. This means that, in broad terms, gaming became much more than just for fun.


Non-fungible tokens have made so many headlines that their continuous expansion and monumental positive results have rocked several industries, art, and gaming alike. While the art world has seen pieces sold for millions, gaming has seen massive success and rise. 


This is mostly since NFT games give their users the possibility to earn as they go, acquiring digital assets stored on the blockchain, open to being sold on a marketplace.


Earning comes as a result of several factors relevant to this type of game: the time spent playing, the rarity of acquired items, the unique virtue and different specifications of the items collected as well as getting yourself some in-game tokens. 


Are PTE games legit? 


Yes, Play-to-Earn games are legit and so is the payoff. Not only this, but some in the field consider PTE games as a certain and positive component of the future of the gaming industry. 


This stands as an argument not only since the gaming community was open to accepting the concept and jumped in on it, but also because of its interconnection with the world of the still rising and developing blockchain technology, crypto, and non-fungible tokens.


It is safe to say that the economy of gaming has, with this, been drastically adapted to benefit individual players’ experience and profit. In conclusion, these are only some of the reasons why we do not see PTE gaming going away any time soon. All that is left to say is – good luck gaming!

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