What Are NIBP Machines, And What Is Their Place In Modern Health Tech?

The world of health technology never sits still. Doctors and scientists are constantly innovating, continually streamlining their methods of delivering the best health care available. 

Health care and hospitals are often synonymous with invasive machines, tubes, wires, and all kinds of uncomfortable devices to monitor a patient. 

But what if those devices didn’t have to be so invasive? Is there another way? 

Let’s find out. 

What Is NIBP?

NIBP, or Non-Invasive Blood Pressure recording machines, are devices designed to observe and record blood pressure measurements in patients. Simply put, NIBP machines are designed for recording and analysis. They can allow data to be extracted from a patient over a long period of time, with minimal discomfort to the patient. 

Instead of the traditional ways of recording blood pressure, the human NIBP nanosystem uses a non-invasive dual finger cuff to monitor blood pressure. 

How Are They Used? 

An NIBP device allows continuous data to be harvested and recorded, possibly alongside a data-collecting app or site, like LabChart. 

You can also use an NIBP device by integrating it with other devices, such as treadmills, exercise bikes, and more. 

In short, an NIBP device is much more flexible and comfortable for the patient and can allow more continuous data to be taken.

Ongoing NIBP-based Health Studies

NIBP devices can be used in all kinds of health studies. While non-invasive blood pressure machines are yet to become commonly used in hospitals, these devices can be invaluable in the fields of research and health studies. 

Some conditions which can be monitored and studied with NIBP devices include:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Hypertension
  • Orthostatic hypotension
  • Baroreflex and autonomic response
  • Autonomic effects of exercise 
  • Natural aging

If you feel that an NIBP device would improve your medical study, you can find NIBP fittings and other equipment at Like any piece of medical equipment, it’s vital to source the best instruments and parts possible. 

What Is LabChart?

Medical equipment is becoming more and more digital, and NIBP devices are no exception. Software such as LabChart allows you to collect all of your data and view it in one place. 

You can record simultaneously from multiple devices, view multiple screens at once, enjoy easy sharing options, and have a customizable interface. In short, software like LabChart makes analyzing your data simple and straightforward. 

The Bottom Line

There are plenty of reasons why a patient would feel more comfortable with a non-invasive blood pressure device. Aside from the obvious reason – a non-invasive device is much more comfortable – NIBP devices can make collating and assessing the relevant data even more simple. Consult a best EHR consulting company for more info.

The field of medical science is coming on in leaps and bounds every day. Techniques like keyhole surgery have replaced more old-fashioned methods, and with a tiny camera, a complex operation can be performed without needing to cut open a patient.

So, it’s quite obvious that medical science is leaning towards non-invasive procedures. NIBP machines are likely the start of something new and exciting.

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