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What are IT support services and why does my business need it? 

What are IT support services

What are IT support services? Does your company need them? What benefits could they offer and how do you go about choosing which IT support provider is the best fit for your organisation?

These are just some of the questions facing business owners across the globe in the face of a rapidly changing digital landscape.

Many organisations face the unending task of keeping pace with rapid technological changes and the complexities they bring to maintaining business continuity. Data security is one of the most pressing issues of the day and a constant headache for companies who need to store, transfer and back-up large volumes of potentially sensitive information in a secure and sustainable way.

Even if your business does have a dedicated IT department tackling the day-to-day tech issues that crop up, how can they manage their regular workload and maintain a comprehensive understanding of changes in software, hardware, cloud computing and network infrastructure?

Below we’ll explore some of the key information you need about the benefits of IT support services, what they offer and how they might benefit your business.

What are IT support services?

IT support services can be in-house or provided by an external organisation like a managed service provider (MSP) they can also be a combination of both.

In-house teams are employed directly by a business and are employees with all the usual benefits and costs associated with being a full or part-time member of staff. They are usually based within an office set-up and deal with all the day-to-day issues concerning the tech, hardware, software and digital infrastructure of an organisation.

External IT support providers are companies staffed by expert IT professionals often with wide reaching and comprehensive expertise across many different business sectors. They operate as a remote, fully staffed IT department for the companies that employ them and can provide support remotely by phone, email and instant messaging or in-person if the need arises.

Many managed IT support providers offer a range of products, services and packages that are billed monthly or yearly. They can help you to upgrade any systems or hardware you have with small changes or provide a complete infrastructure overhaul to revolutionise your business processes and workflow.

Acknowledging the needs of many companies with different shift patterns, unsociable hours and working across time zones, many MSPs provide support and assistance twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

A professional IT support service provider understands that the needs of each individual business are unique. This is why a period of analysis and discovery is essential. In this way an MSP will be able to uncover any current IT issues to tackle and can identify outdated software or hardware that might be hindering your productivity or pose a security risk. They will take into consideration your future plans and business goals and implement new systems that will help you to achieve them.

Among other solutions, IT support services provide:

  • Expert advice, guidance and know-how – A team of experienced professional IT specialists will be able to assess and implement the specific infrastructure your business needs to succeed.
  • Proactive system monitoring and on-going digital support – Your new network and modern, digital infrastructure will be regularly maintained and monitored so that issues can be addressed and corrected before they become problematic.
  • Security, safety and peace of mind – The loss of sensitive data can be time consuming at best and catastrophic at worst. IT support services can include the secure, regular backup of data and information, keeping client and customer details safe and enabling your business to recover quickly should the worst happen.
  • Cost efficiencies – Employing an IT support services organisation to manage your IT needs can be far more cost effective than staffing an in-house IT department. You will also benefit from the broad knowledge base that MSP team members can provide as well as round the clock support.
  • Enhanced productivity with sustained business continuity – To keep moving forward and meeting the needs of your customer base, you need business continuity. This comes from reliable systems and processes, minimal digital downtime and the rapid resolution of any escalating issues.
  • Essential compliance – Struggling with the complexities of GDPR? An IT support services company can make sure you are compliant in all areas and conforming to all legal regulations and sector guidelines.
  • Space to think – When you and your team are not bogged down with IT issues and trouble-shooting, your time and energy can be re-focused on the things that matter. Growing your business and meeting the needs of your customers and clients.

The benefits outlined above are just a handful of the many that an IT support service provider can offer your business. Whether you have a small team based in a single location or are operating a multinational spanning multiple sites and time zones, managed IT support delivered by an experienced team of specialists can add enormous value to your systems, productivity, output and staff morale.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that collaborating with an MSP can bring new perspectives to the way you work and offer you improvements to your current IT set-up.

Even if you simply opt for a one-off system upgrade, the benefits will be far reaching and could allow you to streamline a large percentage of your workflow.

If you have an in-house IT team, a managed service provider can complement the work they do by tackling the larger, long standing issues that never get addressed.

Partnering with any IT support service organisation means taking a step into new territory. This is why a period of research before you start is highly recommended. Look for companies whose mission statements, ethics and values align with your own. Explore the range of services they offer, is there a possibility of scaling up and down support as required and can they offer in-house and remote assistance? To be able to offer on-site issue resolution, it’s likely that you’ll want an IT support company that is based close to your head office or main place of work. 

Try a keyword search using your preferred search engine that is tailored to your primary business location e.g. IT support Plymouth or IT support South West. This will give you the details of any IT support companies who are local to you. From this you will be able to look at the types of solutions they offer and how they work in partnership with your particular business sector. If you start today, you’ll be reaping the benefits of working with an IT support services business in no time at all.

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