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What are Facebook Insights, and How to Access it?

Apart from being the most popular social media platform, Facebook offers businesses a powerful way to communicate with their target audience and customers. That’s the reason why around 3 million businesses are running their marketing campaigns on Facebook. 

Although having a Facebook page is a great marketing tool, it’s essential to know how to boost your reach and grow your business via this platform. You need to take advantage of Facebook’s different analytics tools to make your marketing efforts successful. 

If you’re a business owner, you should spend some time understanding the Facebook Insights dashboard. Facebook Insights provides you with lots of information about your audience and content. This information can significantly help you in growing your page.

What are Facebook Insights?

Facebook Insights is a powerful analytics tool provided to Facebook business page owners. It provides key metrics such as page views, page likes, post reach, and post engagement for both paid and organic posts. In addition, Facebook Insights also recommends what competitor pages you need to watch and track.

With the help of this analytics dashboard, you can track the behavior of your viewers or customers and the performance of your Facebook posts. The data provided by Facebook Insights will help you understand more about your Facebook Page.

Insights will also allow you to understand whether your marketing strategy is proving effective or not. You can study how your page is growing, how it’s resonating with your target audience, and determine what type of content is most popular.

Are Facebook Insights the same as Facebook Audience Insights?

No. Facebook Insights is not the same as Facebook Audience Insights. Even though the names are somewhat similar, these two tools have different functions.

Facebook Audience Insights helps business owners understand their audiences in general, and it helps in ad campaigns. On the other hand, Facebook Insights generates metrics based on the incoming data from your Facebook business page. This data, in turn, helps you understand how your audiences are behaving on your page.

How to Access Facebook Insights?

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to access Facebook Insights:

  1. Head to your Facebook Business Page and then go to the sidebar to the left of the page. There you’ll find “Insights.” Click “See All” under Insights on the desktop.
  2. It’ll take you to the “Overview” page to find a dashboard containing three main categories. 
  3. First, you’ll find a Facebook page summary, which shows you key metrics from the last 7 days. But you can also view your data from the previous 28 days and even from today.
  4. Next, you have to scroll down, and then you’ll see insights on the most recent posts. You’ll also find Facebook page views, likes, reach, engagement, actions on the page, the age and gender of your audience, and much more information. 
  5. In the last section, you’ll get insights from your competitors. Here competitor pages will be recommended to you. However, you can click to “Add Pages” and customize which brand’s performance you want to track.

Exporting Facebook Insights Data

What’s more, is that you can actually export the Facebook Insights data. You’ll see the “Export Data” button on the top right of the Insights page. When you click it, a window will pop up. Here you can select what kind of data you want to export. You can also set the file format, data range, and layout.

You can use Facebook Insights to get the data anytime you want and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly. After you get the plethora of information about your business page, it’s crucial to get something meaningful out of it. You should know how to use the data, track your page performance, and ultimately develop a better and more effective marketing strategy.

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