What Are Bitcoin ATMs and How Do They Work?

When a new product enters the market, dozens of new businesses pop up to support it. This is no different in the world of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have swept the corporate world from digital wallets and exchanges to media outlets and influencers. Bitcoin is here to stay, whether you love it or hate it. The Bitcoin ATM is a fascinating development that has sprung from this innovation. Many countries have started to employ bitcoin ATMs as the popularity of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies grow.

The purpose of this post is to explain what Bitcoin ATMs are, how they work and where can you locate the nearest one to you? Let us find out!

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What Are Bitcoin ATMs?

A Bitcoin ATM, like standard ATMs, is an internet-connected facility through which customers can conduct financial transactions. Traditional ATMs allow users to withdraw and deposit cash, but Bitcoin ATMs allow users to purchase and sell Bitcoins. You can also use them to buy other cryptocurrencies like ethereum or litecoin. To visit and use these ATMs, type “Bitcoin or Ethereum ATM Near Me” into a search engine to identify the nearest locations.

A monitor, QR scanner, bill acceptor, and dispenser are parts of a Bitcoin ATM. These components are connected via software on the backend to allow Bitcoin buying and selling in a rapid, convenient, and secure way.

A few older models of Bitcoin ATMs don’t let you sell your bitcoins, but newer models let you buy and sell bitcoins in the same transaction, which is a much more convenient feature.

In 2013, the Waves coffee shop in Vancouver, Canada, installed the world’s first Bitcoin ATM. Although that particular ATM has since been removed, this machine opened the path for other Bitcoin ATM firms to develop and carve out a position in the industry. More than 14,000 bitcoin ATMs are currently operating throughout the world.

How Does a Bitcoin ATM work?

Unlike online crypto exchanges, Bitcoin ATMs make it easy to purchase and sell Bitcoin. Bitcoin ATMs generate blockchain-based transactions that transmit cryptocurrency to a user’s digital wallet, primarily scanning a QR code. These kiosks link to the Bitcoin network and allow clients to acquire bitcoins with deposited funds.

To use a Bitcoin ATM, users must typically have an existing account. Bitcoin ATMs are not connected to a bank account and are rarely operated by big financial institutions.

Following are two basic types of Bitcoin ATMs:

  • Unidirectional Machines: These are one-way transaction devices that can buy or sell cryptocurrencies.
  • Bi-directional Machines: Both buying and selling of bitcoin can be accomplished with this type of device.

The quantity of funds that can be deposited into a Bitcoin ATM has a lower and a higher limit. FinCEN has mandated that all Bitcoin operators in the United States register with the organization. Additionally, they are subject to the Bank Secrecy Act’s Anti-Money Laundering sections.

Depending on the volume of transactions, the Bitcoin ATM may require your cell phone number to give you an SMS verification code. To complete a transaction, you may be asked to scan a government-issued ID such as your driver’s license.

How to Buy Bitcoin at a Bitcoin ATM?

The following is an overview of buying bitcoin at a Bitcoin ATM. The procedure is easy and consistent across operators.

  • Verify your identity privately at the Bitcoin ATM. You’ll need a Bitcoin wallet that can be downloaded to your smartphone.
  • Deposit cash into the ATM and scan the QR code corresponding to the bitcoin walletaddress you wish to send the coin to. Suppose you put $200 into the kiosk. The Bitcoin ATM will sell you $200 worth of Bitcoin at the current market pricing after deducting a fee.
  • A confirmation message will appear in your Bitcoin wallet to show that the transaction has been completed.
  • Purchased coins are then transferred to wallets after they have been paid for. It may take up to a few minutes for a record of the transaction to appear in the user’s digital wallet.

How to Sell Bitcoin at a Bitcoin ATM?

You can sell bitcoin at a Bitcoin ATM by following the below steps:

  • Log into your account at the kiosk and select the amount of Bitcoin you wish to sell.
  • Enter the wallet address you want to transfer the money to.
  • You will be notified after this transaction has been verified on the Bitcoin network or blockchain, and you can withdraw your money. It takes longer than purchasing Bitcoin, and different operators require varying amounts of time.
  • The ATM operator will charge a cost for the transaction, similar to when you buy Bitcoin, so the cash you receive will be minus the operator’s and miner’s fees.

It’s important to perform your due diligence and choose an ATM operator that has a good reputation as well as a fast, trustworthy customer support team to ensure you get the best value for your money.


Over the next few years, the quantity and popularity of Bitcoin ATMs are anticipated to grow even further. We hope that this information has helped you understand the fundamentals of Bitcoin ATMs.

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