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What Are Amazon Fire TV Stick and Its Benefits?

The Amazon Fire Stick Basic Edition is a small device that is connected to a TV and allows access to several online platforms and streaming services, with quick and simple navigation using the remote control.

What Is Fire TV Stick?

The Amazon Fire TV Stick splash screen is similar to the layout of other streaming platforms, having full usability for browsing and searching content, games and other materials. In practice, the device can turn any ordinary television into a SmartTV. In case if you want to unlock the true potential of your FireStick device you can jailbreak FireStick.

To use the equipment, all you need is a TV with an HDMI input, wi-fi connection and an available socket. It is also possible to use on older televisions (tube TV) that have an RCA converter, with R/L video and audio inputs. 

Thus, even if the TV does not have built-in Wi-Fi, it is possible to use the equipment, since it has a double antenna and is connected to the local Wi-Fi.

To install the equipment, just connect the USB cable to the Fire Stick, and plug it into the TV’s HDMI input. Then, you need to select the desired applications and install them on the platform.

Amazon’s Netflix and Prime Video are already installed. Finally, you need to log in or create an Amazon account to use the services.

Amazon Fire TV replaces the X-Box and other equipment and systems used to access different online platforms, such as Chromecast, which does not have a remote control.

The device costs a very modest price on the company’s official website, with free shipping. The device can also be purchased in trial mode, free of charge. In this case, if the customer does not like or adapts to the equipment, he can ask for a refund after 30 days and return the product.

What are the benefits of Amazon Fire TV?

Amazon equipment is extremely practical and versatile. Due to its completely simplified installation, the device can be taken and connected to any TV with the HDMI input. Thus, there is full mobility to access games, movies or Spotify away from home.

So, instead of taking a notebook that can weigh more than 3kg or a video game during a trip, for example, just take the small device and the remote control, which weighs just 35g. Not to mention that the device doesn’t have several cables for installation or internet wires to curl up or take up space.

The device also replaces the use of the cell phone to watch videos and movies. Although the mobile device is practical for accessing some applications, the choice and display of content such as movies and series to a greater number of people is limited.

With the Amazon Fire Stick, movies and series can be displayed on your TV screen with better audio and image quality.

Time Optimization

By bringing together several streaming systems on the same platform, Amazon Fire TV optimizes search time and access to the desired programs and games. In practice, the equipment ends up eliminating several everyday steps such as:

  • connect the notebook to the television with each new use;
  • select the videos or audio with the mouse (which can be quite uncomfortable, due to the cables, arrow visualization and the height of the connected computer);
  • do different searches to access streaming platforms (the Fire Stick integration partially eliminates this, making direct access via the home screen to different systems available).
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