What a Medical Spa Can Do for You

Medical Spa

Many people search for non-surgical treatments to improve their skin and body. Those who have never visited a medical spa may wonder about the available services. What do these spas offer? Over the last two decades, medical spas have gained popularity across the world, offering various services to help people improve their skin health and appearance. These spas provide services under the supervision of a licensed physician, ensuring safety for all patients.

What Are the Treatments Available at a Med Spa?

Before seeking a med spa, ensure they provide professional service by researching carefully. Learn about the treatments offered by the med spa and what to expect. The following are some top treatments available from med spas across the country.

Botox Treatments

Botox is one of the most popular treatments for refining lines and wrinkles.  Botox is the only FDA-approved treatment for fine lines and wrinkles. People will notice the results in about two weeks, and the benefits will last up to three months. These injection treatments are quick and only take about ten minutes.

Medical Spa

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are also a popular choice among med spa clients. These fillers treat moderate to severe facial folds and wrinkles. Fillers fill in lines and folds around the mouth and nose. Dermal fillers also plump the lips and cheeks and can be used in various areas.

Fillers use hyaluronic acid that’s injected under the skin, plumping the treatment area without too much invasion. The results last up to twelve months before new injections become necessary. Many people seek medical spas for dermal filler treatments.

Laser Skin Treatments

Laser skin treatments are also available at med spas. These non-invasive treatments treat acne scars, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, melasma, lack of skin elasticity, and more. Lasers can also be used to remove unwanted body hair. Laser therapy is safe and fast, with most sessions lasting no more than 30 minutes.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels gently remove the outermost layers of skin, revealing the fresh and beautiful skin below. Peels are used to improve the appearance of scarring, pitting, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, and sun damage. Several treatments are necessary for the best results. Aestheticians can perform skin peels every four to six weeks.


Microneedling sounds painful, but this treatment only causes minor discomfort. Multiple needles puncture the skin at one time, treating scarring, discoloration, lines and wrinkles, and sun damage. Microneedling also makes skin look more youthful and glowing. Microneedling treatments offer lasting results with minimal invasion.

Waxing Services

Clients will also find med spas offer waxing services. Waxing treats many areas of the face and body, including the following.

  • Eyebrows
  • Upper lip
  • Chin
  • Underarms
  • Forearms
  • Legs
  • Bikini line
  • Back
  • Sideburns

These wax treatments are gentle and normally do not cause any undue irritation. Clients will not have to worry about shaving or other painful hair removal treatments. Because it pulls hair from the root, the waxing results last longer than shaving. Many people prefer waxing because it does not leave stubble or razor bumps.

Questions to Ask When Searching for the Best Med Spa

Finding the right med spa is critical for the best results. Not all are equal, and some lack services. The following questions should help people find the best med spa to meet their needs.

  • What services does the med spa offer? Select a med spa that offers all the necessary services and those one might consider.
  • Does the med spa have medical professionals on-site? To ensure the safety of all clients, the med spa should have a licensed doctor or nurse on staff at all times.
  • What level of expertise and experience does the med spa offer? Ensure the med spa has extensive experience before seeking treatment.
  • What are clients saying in reviews? If the med spa has a lot of negative reviews, steer clear of the facility.
  • What do the facilities look like? Are they kept clean? Is there a relaxing environment, and does the spa offer the latest technology and equipment?
  • What level of customer service does the med spa offer? Do not select a med spa with poor customer service.

Med Spas Offer a Range of Non-Invasive Treatments

People visit med spas for relaxing and therapeutic treatments that improve the appearance of their skin and bodies. Those interested in the treatments above should consider booking a session today. These non-invasive treatments help people improve their confidence without going through invasive surgical procedures. Now is an ideal time to schedule your next treatment, whether waxing, Botox, microneedling, or one of the above options.

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