WeTest Automation

WeTest Automation

Automation test tools are applications designed to verify functional and non-functional requirements through automated test scripts. We know many advantages of automated testing, such as reusability, reliability and round-the-clock operation. At present, there are many automated test tools available. Now let’s see why we choose WeTest Automation.

How WeTest is Revolutionizing Automation

WeTest is revolutionizing the automation industry with its innovative approach and cutting-edge technology. By combining artificial intelligence and skilled technologists, WeTest has created an effective and efficient platform for software testing.

The company is focused on streamlining the process of creating automated tests. With WeTest’s advanced feature set, customers can quickly create robust test environments that can be used across multiple frameworks. This means faster time-to-market and fewer bugs in the end product, regardless of its complexity. Additionally, customers have access to AI-driven recommendations to help identify potential problems before they become a bigger issue down the line. 

WeTest allows companies to focus on what really matters – creating products that are reliable and secure – without worrying about manual testing or outdated processes getting in their way.

Equipment maintenance

WeTest maintains thousands of real iOS/Android device models in the cloud. You can test on the same version used by customers to obtain high-quality customer experience without maintaining them.

Integration with test framework

It can any of support any local mobile test automation framework and language. Easily integrate with WeTest using Appium, Espresso, XCTest/XCUSTest, or custom environments.


Increase the test speed. Through parallel test execution on WeTest cloud, the release time is reduced by more than 10 times.

Immediate feedback

Use the information provided by the console, the case details, the log of the user session, the video recording, and screenshots of each test run to troubleshoot the application.

Unbreakable security

All builds are stored on our secure server. After each test, the equipment will go through a cleaning stage. In this process, we uninstall the application and clear the user data and settings generated during the test session on the device.

Powerful REST API

WeTest provides a powerful and useful API for users to manage mobile automation tests. With the RestAPI, you can access our equipment farm, test run, test results and scheduled tests to integrate with CI/CD.

WeTest Automation is used by companies in different industries. For many enterprises and enterprises, this is a good choice. Our services save energy, time and cost to improve quality. Register for the free trial version of WeTest now and test your application on real Android and ios devices.


How WeTest has revolutionized the way automation is seen in the software industry. The company is pushing innovation and creating an environment where user engagement and feedback are paramount. 

Their products, such as TestWeave, enable developers to create automated tests with the click of a button, saving time and money. The intuitive UI makes it easy for everyone from beginners to experts to use the system. How WeTest has not only revolutionized automation but also given users a more enjoyable experience with testing.

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